What was the CWP for the New Zealand Government — and what's next?

The Common Web Platform (CWP)’s platform-as-a-service offering has come to an end for New Zealand’s government websites. The Lead Agency Agreement for the CWP expired on 16 September 2021, meaning that New Zealand’s government agencies are now able to purchase web-managed services from the open market or through the Government Marketplace.

What does this mean for my agency?

With this change comes the opportunity to evaluate your agency's digital transformation strategy and roadmap to identify areas of improvement with regard to your current technology stack, costs, scaling, etc. You may also wish to explore moving to an open source platform. (GovCMS, for example, is powered by amazee.io.)

In order to maintain performance and security after the CWP support timeline ends, your agency should consider transitioning to a comparable service available through the open market. amazee.io can support the Silverstripe CMS and our team of technical experts is on hand to assist your migration from CWP to our open source platform.

Why should I consider an open source platform?

An open source platform gives you the freedom to see what is running in every layer of your hosting solution. With proprietary software, companies will tell you they cannot show or tell you how things are working “under the hood.” In the case of an open source solution such as amazee.io's WebOps platform, everyone can inspect the code, see what is running, and make changes. You are able to innovate for your agency as well as contribute to the wider community.

Additionally, an open source platform allows for greater collaboration. While you can contribute improvements to the platform, you are also able to utilize the innovations of others to enhance your own website or web application. At amazee.io, we regularly see our government customers benefit from multi-agency collaboration and features introduced by other agencies.

Why do government agencies prefer amazee.io’s WebOps platform?

amazee.io's WebOps platform is highly scalable, completely flexible, and portable. It has been purposely built for Kubernetes-based modern cloud environments and supports all major IaaS providers as well as on-premise environments. You can work with the programming languages and frameworks that make sense for your agency; we support any web technology, language, framework, or hosting infrastructure. We also have a global team of highly skilled technical WebOps and Kubernetes experts available 24/7/365 to investigate and mitigate issues immediately.

Want to see some real world examples? You can read our case studies to see how we helped GovCMS manage unprecedented scale during COVID-19 and how our team seamlessly integrates with Doghouse Agency’s support team.

Government departments and agencies trust amazee.io’s WebOps platform because it is...

  • Compatible with any open source framework. This includes Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Symfony, Laravel, Magento, and CKAN. We also host Silverstripe sites.
  • Designed to handle unplanned spikes in traffic and usage. Your server's resources will scale automatically when needed.
  • Fault tolerant right out of the box.
  • DevOps focused. Engineers/DevOps have access to logs, etc.
  • Utilizing role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Fully customizable. amazee.io has a strong track record of developing our platform based on the needs of our customers; you have the opportunity to shape the direction of the platform.
  • Secure (IRAP compliant).
  • Running today’s best-in-class open source tools, such as Kubernetes.
  • Helping agencies to reduce costs.

Want more information on how amazee.io’s WebOps platform can help your organization build, run, and scale websites and applications? Get in touch with us today, or request a demo to see the platform in action.