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A developer-first open source application delivery and hosting platform. Unmatched flexibility, up to 99.99% uptime, backed by exceptional support.

amazee.io, part of Mirantis - Your ZerOps delivery hub

Teams worldwide rely on amazee.io every day.

Teams worldwide rely on amazee.io every day.

Don’t waste time setting up your platform. Just push your code.

amazee.io is rethinking application delivery as you know it. Improve your team’s experience and get the results you want with our new and improved approach.


  • Eliminate the Kubernetes learning curve and cost of operations
  • Improve application and data security, availability, scalability, and performance with fully-hosted Kubernetes and automated operations
  • Accelerate modernization of websites and apps from months to HOURS
  • Accelerate microservices application development

Product teams

Developers should focus on code. Not operations.

Creating, managing, and maintaining multi-channel applications - on and off the web - is tedious. With multiple applications, this task is nearly impossible.

amazee.io’s fully-managed application delivery platform allows developers to deliver their core business objective: creating amazing applications instead of worrying about managing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

If you’ve struggled to get in touch with a human being with other PaaS options, rest assured that we respond to messages within 24 hours. Always a human, never a bot.

Platform Capabilities

Congruent environments

Fully identical environments accelerate your release cycles. Create, update, and test in the fastest, most convenient, and secure way.

100% open source

No black box and no vendor lock-in. Full transparency with the ability to look under the hood, see all of the code and get a full view into our application delivery platform.

Seamless development

Our platform offers fully-automated deployments with immediate feedback loops. Focus on your code, not the underlying infrastructure.

Always secure

amazee.io’s platform is secure by design—engineered and maintained using rigorous security best practices.

A platform built by developers, for developers.

PaaS for your preferred frameworks

Our unique platform works with your preferred frameworks/technologies and comes with pre-configured templates.

Managed Kubernetes

While developers concentrate on their core work, amazee.io takes care of the management of Kubernetes clusters.

Infrastructure Independent

We run on the infrastructure of your choice, following your data sovereignty standards. Run any project on any infrastructure.

100% Open source

We offer full transparency and code visibility with a truly open source application delivery platform, so your developers can look under the hood.

Real ZeroOps

ZeroOps allows your team to focus on innovation instead of operations - giving you the freedom you need.

People-orientated support

Chat with our team easily and quickly, with one-on-one access to global Kubernetes and Operations experts.

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What is ZeroOps? Video

Simply push your code.

amazee.io does the rest for your applications.

It’s never been easier to jumpstart your applications. With a single code push, you get highly secure, fully managed, modern infrastructure leveraging the benefits of Kubernetes.

Simply push your code. amazee.io does the rest for your web projectsSimply push your code. amazee.io does the rest for your web projects

It’s a one-step process: Push your code. et Voilà.

It’s seriously that easy. We can accommodate any project running on any infrastructure.


Build your applications the way you want to, on any infrastructure or environment.


Experience enterprise-grade security and robust monitoring, reporting, and easy-to-use dashboards.


Speed up your timelines, accelerate release cycles, and start leveraging the benefits of Kubernetes.


Deploy with less hassle, less stress, but as fast as you want to - whenever you want.

We support all frameworks and technologies.

Some of the reasons customers around the world love and trust us.

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