Open Source

Container Hosting offers high-performance, flexible hosting solutions built for speed, security, and scalability. develop locally icon


Full congruency across
environments. scale with ease icon

with Ease

Autoscales to handle
fluctuating traffic. deployment icon

Deploy with

Effortlessly create test
environments for pull
requests and branches.

Host anything, anywhere in the world

Lagoon built Lagoon to solve complex hosting requirements and simplify web development and maintenance. It is fully open source, providing flexibility and transparency in service to and with contributions from the developer community.

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Managed Hosting Services

As open source hosting experts, we provide best-in-class managed hosting services. With on-demand chat-based support from our Senior Systems Engineers, we’re with you every step of the way. Optimize your devops and site stability by partnering with a developer-focused hosting provider.

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Bring Your Own Code

Whether you're running 500 decoupled Drupal sites, a single Laravel application, or a complex technology stack, Lagoon has the flexibility to accommodate any project thanks to containers. Our team of systems engineers is available to support your special requests and custom configurations. security icon
Secure takes security seriously, passing rigorous audits and offering a GDPR-compliant platform. powerful graph icon

Lagoon runs the latest technologies and is built to deliver the most performant development, deployment, and end-user experiences possible. scalable icon

We set up Lagoon to handle unplanned spikes in traffic and usage. Your server's resources will scale automatically when needed.

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