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Legacy Systems in Healthcare: 8 Signs It's Time to Modernize Your WebOps
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Dealing with unprecedented scale during COVID-19 and how to prepare for the next high-traffic event!

Join Michael as he discusses dealing with unprecedented scale during COVID-19.

Legacy Systems in Healthcare: 8 Signs It's Time to Modernize Your WebOps

The legacy systems and infrastructure in your healthcare organization were likely good investments when first installed, but now threaten data security and patient safety. Learn what defines a legacy system as well as how to modernize your WebOps strategy.

Case Study
How Doghouse Agency de-risked their business and reduced overhead costs by partnering with

Doghouse Agency builds digital experiences that are used by millions of people.

Are you and your sites ready for COVID 22?

Michael Schmid walks attendees through the processes and architecture used to achieve 100% uptime for the Australian government during COVID-19 related high-traffic events, including a single-day high of 103 million hits.

Deploying web applications on Kubernetes, without the pain

There are many great reasons to host your web applications on Kubernetes, except that Kubernetes is really hard! Toby Bellwood outlines how the team has removed most of the complexity from the process.

White Paper
The Fundamentals of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for Enterprise

Everyone wants to move the needle for the business. This is why many enterprises are turning to a continuous delivery (CD) model to ensure fast, safe, and repeatable workflows.

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White Paper
Getting Started with Kubernetes

The world’s most innovative organizations use Kubernetes—and they can launch 4x faster than the competition. Find out how to get started with Kubernetes today!

Dealing with unprecedented scale during Covid-19

Covid-19 for some sites has meant a massive surge in traffic. Some of the health-related sites that look after have experienced an 80x traffic increase over the last couple of months.

Case Study
Supporting Students During Uncertain Times

Career Year Academy is a skills-based education provider serving the Canadian and French markets, aiming to bridge the gap between high school, university, and the workplace.