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What is Dedicated Cloud? And Why You Should Move to It

What is Dedicated Cloud? And Why You Should Move To It

It’s not just your web presence and web application—it’s your daily business, or the daily business of your valued clients. So, why would you treat your web hosting solution as an afterthought? You’re driven to deliver an unparalleled end-user experience every step of the way, and you can only make that happen when you take a strategic approach to making WebOps a critical part of your business strategy.

One way to ensure that your website delights your customers?

Move to a Dedicated Cloud solution.

What is Dedicated Cloud?

You’re probably familiar with shared cloud hosting, where you share resources with other website and web application owners. In a dedicated cloud environment, you’re not sharing resources with anyone—you have the infrastructure all  to yourself. This means that you have a higher level of autonomy with what happens on your infrastructure. You have the flexibility to have your infrastructure and WebOps environment configured to meet your exact requirements, creating a WebOps environment that is highly tuned to your business case. 

What are the benefits of Dedicated Cloud?

Simply put, a dedicated cloud hosting solution offers the performance and security of a dedicated server with the redundancy of the cloud. With a dedicated cloud offering, you are the only client on the infrastructure; this allows you to build as many environments as your resources allow and you don’t need to worry about “noisy neighbors” impacting the performance of your site or web application. A dedicated cloud solution is adaptable, cost-efficient, and customizable to your business needs.

Other benefits include…

Better security.

With dedicated cloud hosting, your database is private and infrastructure access is strictly controlled. No other clients can introduce risk to your infrastructure.

Cost efficiencies through consolidation.

A dedicated cloud solution can eliminate the need for multiple vendors and providers. A truly IaaS agnostic offering will give you full freedom of choice. This eliminates vendor lock-in, allowing you to use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or another cloud provider. Consolidating your technology with a single provider helps to reduce costs and business complexity.

You can leverage the IT decisions you’ve already made.

If you’re like most business leaders, you’ve got an existing tech stack and your IT team has already secured approvals for a particular suite of tools. Thankfully, moving to a dedicated cloud doesn’t require you to get rid of what’s working—in fact, it can help you better utilize your existing suppliers and technologies while retaining the flexibility to integrate new solutions.

Improved compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

As a business, you need to know who has access to your data and where it’s stored. With a dedicated cloud solution, your hosting provider can set up and manage your sites and web apps on the server of your choice, whether it’s in your own cloud infrastructure account or your own on-premises data center to ensure data sovereignty.

Removing operational pains.

A dedicated cloud solution is flexible and can allow you to leverage tools and technologies that might otherwise be too complex to manage, such as Kubernetes. At, we help our clients unlock the promise of Kubernetes without needing to learn it all themselves or running their own Ops team. By working with our 24/7 team of Kubernetes and WebOps experts, you can enjoy the benefits of 24/7 infrastructure without additional headcount.

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