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Taoti Creative and Breaking free from limits to deliver more for customers

Taoti Creative Case Study: Breaking free from limitations to provide more for customers: Haw Taoti Creative did it.

In the digital age, flexibility and customization are crucial for digital agencies to meet their clients' needs and deliver meaningful results. As a digital agency, Taoti Creative understands this importance and strives to offer its clients the best possible service. However, they were facing limitations with their previous hosting provider, which made it difficult to provide the level of service they wanted.

The Challenge: Limitations with Previous Hosting Provider

Taoti Creative was hosting most of their clients' sites and apps with a large Drupal-focused hosting provider. Although some things were working well, they often encountered issues where there wasn't enough platform flexibility to meet specific client needs. Clients with unique resources, special needs, and certain integrations didn't work well with the previous hosting provider's infrastructure, causing frustrations for both Taoti Creative and their clients.

One particular search technology called Solr, which was used for Drupal builds, was causing significant problems. The previous hosting provider used an outdated version of Solr, which slowed down website development and limited Taoti Creative's ability to provide the best version of their services to clients. Taoti Creative found this unacceptable and needed an alternative that could offer more flexibility and customization.

The Solution: Choosing a More Flexible and Reliable Platform with

Taoti Creative turned to, a hosting provider that offered more flexibility and customization than their previous provider. The team at helped Taoti Creative through the entire process, providing solutions-oriented and positive support that gave them the confidence to move forward.

One of Taoti Creative's most significant clients, an entertainment company in the USA, needed a static IP for secure communications, which was not always available with their previous provider. However, was able to provide the secure IP consistently and reliably, removing another barrier for Taoti Creative in meeting their clients' needs.

In addition, Taoti Creative was beginning to host React-based sites that required a specific feature called Federated Search. The previous hosting provider only hosted Drupal, making it difficult for Taoti Creative to provide this feature to their clients. However,'s flexibility and customization allowed them to host React and provide Federated Search, allowing Taoti Creative to meet their clients' needs more effectively.

The Results: More Flexibility, Customization, and Zero Downtime for Taoti Creative

Since moving to, Taoti Creative has enjoyed constant stability and much less chaos in their day-to-day operations with clients. They no longer deal with constant outages, which used to be at least an hour per month on the previous platform, causing frustration for both Taoti Creative and their clients.

One of Taoti Creative's most significant clients updates their site every 4 minutes, except for a specific 4-hour window. This presented a significant challenge when moving the client's site over to, as any downtime during the 4-hour window could be disastrous. However,'s team helped coordinate and orchestrate the move, ensuring there was no downtime during the transition. Taoti Creative did not experience a single moment of downtime in the first seven months since switching to, a significant achievement for a hosting provider.

The flexibility offered by's ZeroOps application delivery platform has allowed Taoti Creative to manage environments, branches, features, and supporting services entirely according to their needs. This newfound freedom has allowed Taoti Creative to integrate new workflows and change the way they add value to their clients' sites, ultimately benefiting their clients. The flexibility and customization provided by are unparalleled, according to Taoti Creative's Director of Development, Rolando Scott. Taoti Creative's other provider locks their clients into specific workflows, which can be helpful with simple requirements, but's platform provides greater flexibility and customization, allowing Taoti Creative to meet their clients' unique needs and expectations.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Hosting Provider for Digital Agencies

Taoti Creative's story is a great example of the importance of choosing the right hosting provider for digital agencies. In the highly competitive digital industry, agencies need to provide their clients with the best possible service, which requires flexibility, customization, and reliability. Working with has allowed Taoti Creative to meet these needs and deliver meaningful results to their clients.

If your digital agency is facing similar challenges with limitations from your hosting provider, it may be time to consider a more flexible and reliable solution.'s ZeroOps application delivery platform offers unparalleled flexibility and customization, allowing digital agencies to meet their clients' unique needs while providing consistent reliability and support. Contact today to learn more about how they can help your agency deliver meaningful results to your clients.