Talking Kubernetes on Talking Drupal Podcast talking Kubernetes with Talking Drupal podcast’s CTO and Founder, Michael Schmid, and our Product Lead, Toby Bellwood recently participated in a discussion about Kubernetes and Drupal on Episode 257 of the podcast, Talking Drupal. Chatting with the hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin the conversation covered a lot of the history and intricacies of running Drupal on Kubernetes.

Starting with a discussion on the origins of Kubernetes, it’s open-source community, and broad uptake outside of Drupal, the group uncovered some of the backstory as to why selected Kubernetes as a hosting platform.

Building Drupal sites on Kubernetes requires a slightly different architecture to a traditional LAMP stack, and building for scalability, reliability and reproducibility have been key underpinnings of’s approach to Kubernetes.

Toby and Michael discussed where Lagoon fits into this puzzle  –  augmenting Drupal projects with all the Kubernetes configuration needed to run, and adding in all the additional services needed to run effectively and securely in production, such as logging, backups and monitoring, before managing the actual deployment and running of the site in Kubernetes.

To wrap up, Michael and Toby outlined who they saw as the ideal candidates for Lagoon and Kubernetes hosting (spoiler alert: if you run multiple CMSs or frameworks, or have the need for multiple dynamic non-production environments, get in touch with us!)  The team also highlighted some recent coverage of Lagoon’s ability to scale instantly and serve massive increases in traffic with zero downtime and laid out a pathway to scaling that doesn’t involve overprovisioning hardware when it’s not needed!

Listen to the full interview here: