7 Achievable things you can do to survive a high-traffic event

amazee.io eBook - 7 Achievable things you can do to survive a high-traffic event.

What are four words an enterprise leader never wants to hear?

“The website is down.”

It’s such a simple sentence, yet it holds a great deal of power. After all, it’s not just a website—it’s your daily business. You need your website or web application to be online to serve your customers and, yes, generate revenue. But are you prepared to face everything the internet (or even Mother Nature) has to throw at you? From DDoS to traffic spikes to natural disasters like hurricanes, your infrastructure is often up against a lot.

amazee.io can’t control the weather (not yet!), but we have successfully guided clients through a number of scenarios that would have otherwise knocked them offline, all while maintaining our uptime guarantees. One challenge we’re experts at helping clients overcome?

High-traffic events.

Sometimes you know a high-traffic event is coming. That’s great! It gives you plenty of time to prepare. Other times, however, it can be a complete surprise and, if you don’t have a plan, it could negatively impact your bottom line. So, ask yourself: “How prepared am I for a high-traffic event?”

If you’re not sure of your answer (or just want to double check you’re doing the right things), we put together an eBook that details 7 things you can do to ensure you stay online during a high-traffic event. Click below to download the eBook and learn how to better prepare your website and your business for high-traffic events.

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