Origins of Lagoon - Interview with Michael Schmid on Drupal Easy

Michael Schmid on DrupalEasy podcast discussing Lagoon’s CTO and Founder, Michael Schmid, had the chance to discuss the origins of Lagoon and on Episode 232 of the podcast, DrupalEasy. Chatting with Michael Anello, they delved into what it means to run a completely open-source platform, and how it fits into a best-practice focused Drupal development workflow.

As a Drupal developer, Michael felt his development work was always based around the hosting platform the client was using. He didn’t Iike that.  “It felt like a big cage.” He was sure there was a smarter, more empowered way for developers to work. 

Docker had been growing increasingly prevalent in the open-source world, leading more people to start using containers in interesting, new ways. This sparked a growing desire for developers to be able to work in an environment as close to where it would be served. Michael recalls the lightbulb moment when he first ran a container locally while at the same time in production.

He saw this as the solution to his two biggest developer wishes:  being able to develop for multiple platforms at once and eliminating the old “throwing it over the fence” limitations of deployment.  

After trying various solutions with other programs and solutions at Amazee Labs, Michael realized there was a need to create one. Thus was founded, he and his team were finally able to build their own solution.

Listen to the full interview here: