Master the Fundamentals of K8s: Kubernetes 101 video series with Jeff Geerling

Master the Fundamentals of K8s: Kubernetes 101 Video Series with Jeff Geerling, on a computer screen, with a hand clicking on the trackpad.

Kubernetes is an open-source software tool developers use to deploy and manage containers at scale. And since most applications these days are built using containers, learning how to take full advantage of Kubernetes to build, deliver and scale containerized apps faster – is a must for developers. But where do you get started? 

Enter Jeff Geerling and his Kubernetes 101 video series. From Nov 2020 to Feb 2021, Jeff was our ‘helmsman’ for each live-streamed weekly episode, sharing his open source knowledge with the community and guiding us on a journey through the fundamentals of K8s, with each lesson building on the information from the previous episode. 

We didn't want anyone to miss out on this excellent introduction to Kubernetes, so if you weren’t able to catch the live streams, need a refresher, or are starting from scratch, to get you rolling – we’ve put together a recap of the entire series for you here. 

Episode 1: Hello, Kubernetes!

Episode 2: Containers

Let’s learn about containers – the building block of any Kubernetes cluster! Jeff shows us how to build a container, build a custom Go application and put it in a container, and push that container to a container registry.

Episode 3: Deploying Apps 

Learn how to deploy apps into Kubernetes, using the Hello Go app and container image we built in episode 2, and some clever ways to create a quick cluster in the Cloud for testing, in case you're having trouble or can't install Minikube locally!

Episode 4: Real-World Apps 

Jeff walks us through deploying our first real-world application – a Drupal website – into Kubernetes. He covers how Drupal is traditionally deployed on a LAMP server and how that legacy architecture translates into containers and Kubernetes using Helm and custom manifests.

Episode 5: Scaling Drupal in K8s

Learn how to solve the problem of figuring out how to scale Drupal with a shared filesystem, Horizontal Pod Autoscaling, high-availability database options, and more!

Episode 6: DNS, TLS, Cron, Logging 

Jeff takes our scalable Drupal web application and exposes it to the Internet using a user-friendly domain name and HTTPS using Ingress, then configures cron and logging using Kubernetes so it's easy to keep Drupal running at it's best!

Episode 7: Hello, Operator!

Explore the concept of a Kubernetes Operator, how it allows you to manage applications running in Kubernetes clusters more efficiently, and how you can build one on your own!

Episode 8: Kube, meet Raspberry Pi

In this episode, get Kubernetes running on a bare metal cluster of Raspberry Pis! Two of his favorite things, together in one fun live stream!

Episode 9: GitOps and Lagoon – Interview with Michael Schmid

Jeff interviews Michael Schmid – co-founder and CTO of – about managed Kubernetes,'s initiated open source application delivery platform – Lagoon, and why someone would choose a managed Kubernetes offering instead of DIY.

Episode 10: Monitoring with Lens, Prometheus, and Grafana

In the final episode, Jeff talks about the different ways of monitoring Kubernetes, including Lens for better cluster visibility, or tools for metrics, like Prometheus and Grafana.

If you really want to master the fundamentals of Kubernetes, we’re certain you’ll enjoy watching the series as much as we did. Kudos to Jeff! He’s a fantastic teacher and solid contributor to open source! You can always watch the full series on his YouTube Kubernetes 101 Playlist and interact with Jeff over on his Youtube channel. Or, if you prefer reading about the subject, Jeff’s translated all the content from the video series into written form in his book Kubernetes 101.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lagoon and our managed Kubernetes services, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch with us today!