Lagoon 2 is Available Now! Here’s What’s New

Lagoon Release Update

As the initiator of Lagoon, is always pleased to see the latest updates and contributions to this leading container-based hosting solution. This is why we’re happy to share that the Lagoon team has made the first release candidate for Lagoon 2 available!

So, what makes this release different from Lagoon 1? You’ll find an overview of the headline features below, and you can click here to read the announcement from the Lagoon team and get the full details.

  • Updated architecture.
  • Node 16, Alpine 3.13 and the updated MariaDB connector.
  • New logs2webhook service.
  • API Audit logging.
  • Lagoon 2 supports per-cluster Harbor 2 installations.
  • Adding Gitea support to Lagoon.
  • Develop locally on Kubernetes with an expanded suite of tests.

...and more coming soon. The next collection of new features is currently being worked on and we look forward to more innovation from the Lagoon team.

Additionally, has upgraded its entire infrastructure to leverage this latest Lagoon release candidate.

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