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How one SaaS company saved $70k in startup costs and went to market a year faster

How one SaaS company saved $70k in startup costs and went to market a year faster

Being a startup isn’t easy: You’ve got big goals and limited funding, and you want to get things done as quickly as possible. That sweet spot between perfection and timing isn’t easy to hit, but for some startups, it can make or break their entire future. In the case of Pipelyft, created by TPL Digital, they had an idea for a SaaS platform built in Drupal - but they were missing some major capabilities in their ideal interface, and they needed to figure out a time- and cost-effective solution. 

Pipelyft, an independent software vendor, has excellent Drupal frontend developers. However, when they built their app, their CMS left them a bit limited. 

When a new client filled out a form on the Pipelyft page, they would be creating a brand new project automatically, which manifests as a new application within our clusters. Drupal is not built for this type of project inherently. But their customers expected something quick and easy to use, so they needed to find a solution. 

Pipelyft needed a solution that could help them create separate tenants for individual customers and their data - ideally using Kubernetes clusters. 

When Pipelyft reached out to, they explained exactly what was needed: Tenanting their client data and an easy form-based UI in an app created on Drupal: Not as easy as it sounds. 

They could have built the solution internally, but they discovered it would be incredibly costly and take a long time, which would delay their product to market. 

 Pypelift needed a fully automated solution for deployment, provisioning and fulfillment, or they would have to pay to create a solution themselves. As a small startup, this was time and money that Pipelyft simply couldn’t spare. provided the automated solution 

When Pipelyft reached out to, we were able to help them achieve their desired outcomes quickly, flexibly, and with data sovereignty in mind. They were able to deploy the tenants to any location in the world, which helps companies bound by data privacy. This way, their clients can choose where to deploy in a way that best fits their own needs. 

“What attracted us to’s solution, right away, was the ability to have containerized infrastructure. It was imperative to us that we work out a solution that ensured data was secure, separated, containerized, and that companies could choose their own server location,” said Curtis Cox, CEO of Pipelft. 

“We were searching around for solutions, and we needed something that we could implement really quickly. There were only about 1-2 platforms that could even do what we wanted. When we found, we were impressed that we could have something more custom so fast.” 

After Pipelyft implemented’s solution, they noticed a few things right away: 

As expected, they are faster in the market than they ever could have been creating the tenant provisioning and fulfillment on their own, since’s solution is fully automated. They needed resources for their tenant deployment, whether it was internal or external, and with’s platform handling those capabilities automatically, they didn't need to worry about it. 

Time savings, money savings, and a great customer experience 

Using Lagoon made sense from a financial and time-saving perspective for Pipelyft.

We didn’t want to have long timelines or wait around to do things, since as a small startup, time was our most valuable asset. It was massively beneficial to get our product to market so much faster. Curtis Cox, CEO Pipelyft

Curtis estimates that with’s platform, Pipelyft was able to accelerate their go-to-market time by more than one year.

Leveraging and Lagoon has allowed us to orchestrate a secure, scalable, distributed infrastructure with only a little prior knowledge of Docker, and zero knowledge of Kubernetes. It has saved us thousands of dollars and a lot of extra developer hours. Lyndon Cox, CTO of Pipelyft

Pipelyft estimates that they saved more than $70,000 because they didn’t have to hire a DevOps team. The money saved by using the team as their DevOps allows Pipelyft to relocate those funds into better sales efforts. 

With, Pipelyft was able to invest all of their mental (and financial) resources into the actual product, making it as great as it can be. Their product came to market sooner, they saved money, and they were able to respect data privacy laws to the fullest extent. 

With the resources of Lagoon, they’ve been able to significantly accelerate their success roadmap as a startup. With, they moved through the “build” phase incredibly quickly. And now, Pipelfyt continues to grow at an accelerated and impressive pace.

If you’re interested in learning how’s platform could help your team solve its challenges and achieve your goals, get in touch with our team today.