A new home (and platform) for our Lagoon documentation

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We are excited to announce the move of our documentation to a new platform - GitBook, and a new residence on the internet at https://docs.lagoon.sh

For the past several years, we’ve hosted our documentation on ReadtheDocs, which has been solid and worked well, but we wanted an upgrade. Enter GitBook. 

From the moment we first started playing with it, we knew it would be a fantastic experience. Documentation needs to be easy to read, and easy to navigate. Our new documentation is bright, stylish, and modern. It has beautiful code snippets and call-outs. Best of all, it’s really easy for our team to keep up to date. 

What sold us on GitBook was that content syncs in two directions! Once we had all of our existing content imported, there was no change needed to our engineers’ workflow as they document their code.  This means engineers can update the markdown files in our Lagoon GitHub repository as they always have, but with GitBook, we also have a WYSIWYG editor that allows us to make quick and easy edits that get committed directly into our GitHub repository! Now, we don’t have to check out a branch and make a pull request (and wait for a release) for a quick typo fix. The live preview makes it a lot easier to keep everything looking good and expands documentation housekeeping to a much wider internal audience.

Lagoon Gitbook page.

(We may be fans, but this isn’t an advertisement - GitBook is free for open-source projects like Lagoon!)

We’ve also rearranged some of our documentation so you can get to the most important information first. We’ve added some new pages, fresh FAQs, a glossary of terms, and links to various tutorials and webinars about Lagoon, including videos. We’ve also done a lot of work to make our documentation more accessible and inclusive (though the work is never done!). 

Finally, there is a neat function on each page where you can give us some feedback and let us know how useful you’re finding our documentation –so we can keep improving.

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With the upcoming release of Lagoon 2, our Lagoon documentation will live at https://docs.lagoon.sh – and we will be progressively adding more components to it.

For people still using Lagoon 1.x (or earlier), the ReadtheDocs site will remain for the foreseeable future, although it will no longer be updated.

So check out our new documentation, learn about Lagoon, and let us know what you think!