A Marketer’s Perspective on Web Hosting

A Marketer's Perspective on Web Hosting

Before joining amazee.io, I managed a Fortune 500 website with global traffic from B2B customers from household name brands. We were running a Drupal 7 site, which suffered inexplicable downtimes and latency. To make matters worse, our support requests went unanswered for hours, and we were passed around to different triagers who were ill-equipped to help us. It was unacceptable, and it left us in a bind. 

Our developers were reliant on our hosting provider, which couldn’t provide them with the logs and visibility to effectively troubleshoot. And our development workflows suffered from obtuse restrictions due to the hosting provider’s inflexible technology. To add insult to injury, we were paying nearly $1 million for hosting and content delivery. 

It was a no-brainer to look for an alternative provider, and once we did, we saved 90% in hosting costs. Yes, 90%. At first, we wondered if the quote from the new provider was a mistake. But they explained that we had been paying for professional services we weren’t using and infrastructure that was beyond excessive given our traffic. 

The switch meant we could invest in more business-critical activities that would drive our sales pipeline. We were able to rebuild the legacy pieces of the website and implement integrated solutions around marketing automation and conversion rate optimization. As a marketer, I had not realized what an important role our hosting provider played in our team’s success. It was an eye-opening experience. 

When the opportunity to join amazee.io presented itself, this prior experience drove my interest. Their approach to web hosting was novel, and I immediately understood the business value they were offering. Sometimes it is hard to explain exactly what we do and why it matters because our platform and services are very technical. But at the end of the day, it’s about empowering our customers with the tools and resources to achieve their business goals. 

Our hosting platform, Lagoon, is application-agnostic, which means customers can use a variety of technologies including headless/decoupled configurations. Since it is open-source, developers have full visibility into the stack. They have access to logs and the ability to customize services based on their unique needs. On top of this, the platform is monitored, maintained, and supported 24x7 by a team of engineers who are invested in your success. 

Across the board, our customers report faster deployments, personalized support experience, and better performance. If your website or development team is underperforming, I suggest you look under the hood and make sure your hosting platform isn’t the culprit. We’re happy to talk through your unique circumstances and provide options if you’re unsure. Just reach out!