5 Key reasons more businesses are relying on WebOps in 2022

amazee.io - 5 Key reasons more businesses are relying on WebOps in 2022

WebOps, as defined in our last blog, is helping businesses dramatically improve the way they build, host, manage, maintain, secure, and extend their sites and web apps - for better business results. 

WebOps practices and platforms are there to increase the productivity and efficiency of the whole web team for a smoother and more integrated hosting operations experience - which leads to better efficiency, faster timelines, and easier deployments. 

Using WebOps platforms will also allow your teams to approach website hosting, maintenance, and monitoring in a proactive and strategic way - instead of being reactive. With streamlined processes and increased efficiencies from automations, your team will have time to safeguard against things that could happen - instead of reacting to them when they occur. 

In other words, you can actually move the needle and focus on business strategy and tech innovations instead of worrying about your hosting solution. 

A large number of businesses are switching to a WebOps approach in 2022 because it’s more future-facing and modern than outdated legacy hosting systems. WebOps is the future of digital business presence because it can provide more support, faster updates, and more stability/ security for your team, while your end users experience a faster, smoother, better-performing site. 

As more and more of the world becomes digital, legacy hosting strategies will sadly be left behind as business and site demands change. Something more is needed, and we believe the future is in WebOps. 

Top 5 reasons to consider a WebOps approach - Save time and resources; Faster updates; Smoother testing process; Increase security, Improve site results

Save time and resources 

A dedicated WebOps platform will help teams streamline processes, which can eliminate tools that are no longer necessary to use. Getting rid of this excess spending and only focusing on what’s necessary can help a company reduce its web hosting and web operations budget significantly - even though they’re getting far more for their money with WebOps. 

A WebOps approach blended with a good WebOps platform saves an enormous amount of time for developers, who can then work on higher-value projects - which is probably why they were hired in the first place. 

The financial benefits of a more focused, more engaged technical team are profound: Keep your tech team’s focus on your core business, where it belongs. 

Of course, there are also the countless hours you’ll save with a streamlined communication process with a WebOps platform and approach adopted. When efficiency increases, all employees can use their newly-freed time to contribute directly to business value. Process flow, timeline delays, and bottlenecks get in the way of so much that could be great - and nearly every organization on earth can relate to this struggle. 

By adopting a WebOps approach, and a modern WebOps platform, obstacles are removed and your release timelines speed up. Marketing and business teams can finally do the things they want to do - when they want to do them. 

Make updates quickly and automate more 

With safer deployments and roll-back processes, you can make changes to your site more frequently with less risk, engage in A/B testing, and prepare for high-traffic events. New features and user experiences can be delivered faster and make more of an impact. 

WebOps platforms encourage a truly customer-centric approach, as your teams work together seamlessly to improve delivery speed and site performance. 

Increased automation capabilities also lead to proactive and preventative maintenance as opposed to reactive fixing - much better for your end-users and overall site performance. 

Test innovative ideas easily, with low risk 

WebOps platforms also allow for quick, easy testing, since it’s much easier to create and deploy landing pages, complete updates, and make site changes. This can help marketing departments gather more data about how to provide the best experience for their customers. 

Organizations can focus on truly results-oriented strategies with fewer limitations. This is a huge opportunity for companies who feel like they’re “stuck in their ways” and want to try something new with their websites. 

Increase your stability and security 

Security is vital when it comes to your sites and web applications, and unfortunately, plain legacy hosting can leave your web properties vulnerable to a number of unexpected risks and threats. WebOps platforms go above and beyond in securing your site, with safeguards like observability tooling, proactive uptime monitoring, problem detection, and security and vulnerability scanning.

With an unstable site that is not proactively monitored, end users may experience slow load times, crashes, error messages, and outages - worst of all… you may never know!

See better site performance with improved management and monitoring 

A WebOps platform enables continuous deployments, proactive monitoring, smooth operations of a site, and naturally productivity increases. This is a far cry from the “old way,” which may have included lack of communication, confusion, long waits, bottlenecks, slow updates, and in the worst-case outages that you weren’t even aware of. With increased speed and the ability to make critical business changes to your site, overall site performance and SEO performance may improve. 

Not only does a WebOps platform make site management seamless, but your organization will gain critical data about your site that was previously unavailable. Business operations can utilize this to make impactful decisions about your organization’s presence online. 

How Can I Start Using WebOps Myself? 

To begin a move towards a WebOps approach for your team, you should begin by reviewing your current situation and structure. Look at your current deployment systems and principles to understand where you are, and where your team is. It’s important to understand how things are currently working, so you can decide what could be better. 

These pain points will help you along the road to your new solution. It’s best for your business to select a WebOps platform that solves YOUR problems specifically, for the greater benefit of your team and site. You want your WebOps platform to be a strategic choice that really changes the way things work on your team, so your developers are freer to work on other valuable tasks. 

Dedicated Cloud by amazee.io was created specifically to solve problems for businesses like yours. Our open source WebOps solution makes building, deploying, hosting, and updating easier than ever before. 

Dedicated Cloud is easy-to-use, easy to deploy, and can support all web technologies, languages, frameworks, and hosting infrastructures out there- not just some of them. It’s truly an all-in-one building, hosting, and maintenance solution that leaves control in your hands - but we’ll do the heavy lifting. 

Here’s what makes Dedicated Cloud truly unique. We host in your current environment for the most convenient experience possible. We'll work within your chosen infrastructure, which can be anything you prefer, and manage your site for you there. No need to pay another hosting vendor for additional infrastructure, because we’ll use the one you already have. 

You’ll never have to worry about data sovereignty again, and we make sure to provide adequate customer support with 24/7/365 availability with our team of engineers and Kubernetes experts. 

Learn more about how other global companies are leveraging Dedicated Cloud. 

To learn about how Dedicated Cloud would work specifically for your business and your needs, reach out to us and we’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

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