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ZeroOps Application Delivery on Kubernetes
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ZeroOps Application Delivery on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is helping teams worldwide do things faster and more easily. But it’s so hard to learn and use! In our latest webinar, we discuss a way to use Kubernetes without even knowing it first.

Visit amazee.io at DrupalCon Prague in September

Drupal is one of our favorite systems. Prague is one of our favorite cities. So naturally, we can’t wait for DrupalCon in Prague! Will we see you there?

A developer-centric software delivery hub for modern applications

We are pleased to announce that Mirantis has acquired amazee.io, an open source application delivery platform for Kubernetes. We’re excited to share this news with you, along with the benefits of combining our ecosystems for a more complete ZeroOps software delivery hub.

White Paper
Reaping the Benefits of Kubernetes with Lagoon

In 2022, developers are under a lot of pressure. They need tools to help them get things done - without spending years learning Kubernetes first. That’s why we created Lagoon - the managed Kubernetes solution that teams can start using today.

WebOps 101: A full and comprehensive guide to WebOps

Web teams in 2022 are not okay. Too many teams are constantly struggling with limitations, bottlenecks, outages, and the absolute pain of site maintenance. We want to change all of that.

Winning with WebOps: Making life easier for tech teams

Legacy hosting just can't do it all. It needs a more modern and innovative approach. Today, our team is talking about the new way that does everything you want it to: WebOps.

Ready to build, run, and scale your applications on a truly open source platform?
This is my architecture - amazee.io: Kubernetes Deployments Made Easy

amazee.io uses Amazon EKS to deploy the Lagoon platform and makes Kubernetes accessible to their customers. They leverage Amazon EC2 Spot instances, Amazon Graviton 2 processors and Amazon EBS gp3 volumes to optimize performance and reduce their cost.

Case Study
Urban Utilities improved application search speed by 50% after moving to amazee.io

The team at Urban Utilities wanted to build an account portal (“MyAccount”) that customers could visit to manage account activities, such as viewing, downloading and paying their invoices.

Advanced Lando-ing with Lagoon

Hear from the amazee.io, Lagoon and Lando teams on how to harness some of the more advanced Lando features and functionality, and learn how they interoperate with similar Lagoon functionality.