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Fair, transparent, and flexible: Our pricing packages are created to meet your company’s current needs—either in our cloud, your cloud infrastructure, or on-premise. Just like the application delivery platform, our pricing model was designed to work for you and your team.

Simple, transparent pricing plans. Only pay for what you use.

Cloud Basic
Cloud Basic
Best for businesses to get started in our cloud infrastructure
99.9%Guaranteed Uptime
Starting at
$199 per month
Every additional project
$30 per month
Cloud Professional
Best for businesses that rely on highest performance and availability
99.95%Guaranteed Uptime
Starting at
$399 per month
Every additional project
$100 per month
Dedicated Cloud
Dedicated Cloud
An end-to-end, fully managed Platform-as-a-Service in your own infrastructure, accessible anywhere in the world

99.9% - 99.99%

Guaranteed Uptime
Custom pricing.

Pay for infrastructure through your existing AWS, GCP, or other account, or conveniently pay through

Comes with:

  • Unlimited hits
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Production environments
  • Unlimited Development environments
  • Enhanced Success Plan
  • DDoS protection
  • 99.9% - 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
All prices in US Dollars.

Upscale your team and plans CDN + WAF CDN + WAF
You want your website to be both high-performing and secure. With’s fully managed CDN + WAF offering, you can boost performance for global visitors on pages with dense content.
Technical Account Manager
Technical Account Manager
Get the most out of the platform with our Technical Account Managers, who are experts and champions for your business.
Professional Services
Professional Services supports your business with any type of migration, training or customized development, fully tailored to your business so your team can harness the full power of our application delivery platform.

Success Plans

Get the right level of support for your team to focus on true innovation.
Critical:1 Hour
High:4 Hours*
Low:2 Business Days*


Critical:1 Hour
High:3 Hours*
Low:1 Business Day*
Critical:30 Minutes
High:1 Hour*
Low:1 Business Day*
Critical:15 Minutes
High:30 Minutes
Low:1 Business Day*
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Frequently asked questions

A hit is a request for any resource to the infrastructure managed by This could be an HTML page, a Javascript file, a CSS file, an image, etc. A well configured Drupal project, for example, typically generates 10 hits per pageview requested by an end-user.

We accept EUR, AUD, CHF, USD, and GBP. Contact sales for more information.

Our live chat support connects you with our team of technical Operations and Kubernetes experts, who are available 24/7. Our experts are on hand to investigate and mitigate issues as well as support you in creating new features and functionalities. Our customer service is focused on finding solutions for you and your team. You can communicate with us through Slack at any time.

In a standard configuration, we charge a fee per production environment (website, project) and per hit. charges a per-hit usage model. In order to determine the price per hit charged, all hits across all production environments (websites, projects) are added together. For example, 3 projects, each generating 100,000 hits, would be charged the base fee for all projects, not the base fee per project.

Yes. Please contact us for more information.'s application delivery platform is fully open source. Your payment applies to your hosting costs and entitles you to fully-managed services, such as migration assistance, tailored training, custom development, technical account management, Kubernetes, and access to enterprise-grade support from a dedicated team of technical experts, and more. Contact us to learn more about the benefits for your team.

Yes! The Agency Partner Program allows our partners to deliver outstanding services to joint customers of every size, in every industry, around the world. Click here to learn more about our partners and the partner program, or contact us for more information.