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We will set up and manage Lagoon on the server of your choice, whether it's in your own cloud infrastructure account or your own on-premises data center.

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Lagoon is compatible with any open source framework, and you can host as many applications with as many resources and hits as you need.

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Anytime monitors your server around the clock, and our team of engineers is on duty 24/7/365 to investigate and mitigate incidents immediately.

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Secure takes security seriously, passing rigorous audits and offering a GDPR-compliant platform.

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We set up Lagoon to handle unplanned spikes in traffic and usage. Your server's resources will scale automatically when needed.

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Lagoon runs the latest technologies and is built to deliver the most performant development, deployment, and end-user experiences possible.

How It Works

We work collaboratively with our customers to deliver optimal performance and
cost-efficiency, based on their technical and business requirements.

Choose your own infrastructure

Whether you already have your own data center or need guidance choosing a cloud provider, you control your data in your own infrastructure.

Bring your own code

We'll set up your server to support the applications and services you need to run your business online.

Let us do the heavy lifting

When it's time to scale your resources, support new technologies, or implement patches, our team of seasoned systems engineers will take care of it.

Sleep well

With's 24/7 monitoring and support, we ensure your site is up and running at all times and covered in the rare event of an emergency.


We'll provision and maintain your Lagoon hosting environment to run what you need, supporting the latest and greatest technology stacks and integrations.

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Fixed Monthly Fees

Dedicated hosting services are priced at a fixed monthly fee, dependent on the size of the hosting cluster, the degree to which it needs to be customized, and the level of support needed.

Dedicated Hosting Customers

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