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amazee.io monitors our servers around the clock, and our team of engineers is on duty 24/7/365 to investigate and mitigate incidents immediately.

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amazee.io takes security seriously, passing strict audits and offering a GDPR-compliant platform.

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We set up Lagoon to handle unplanned spikes in traffic and usage. Your server's resources will scale automatically when needed.

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Lagoon runs the latest technologies and is built to deliver the most performant development, deployment, and end-user experiences possible.

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Developers manage their own code in their own Git repository and define the processes that work best for their team.

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We offer full transparency into the Lagoon stack so developers have visibility into what they're running and how it's performing.

Transparent, Pay-Per-Use Pricing

amazee.io Cloud Hosting fees are pay-per-use,
down to the hour, hit, and gigabyte.

Standard Availability (99.5% guaranteed uptime) and High Availability
(99.9% guaranteed uptime) projects include:

  • one production environment 
  • two development environments
  • five gigabytes of storage
Monthly Fees Base Price USD

Part A​: price-per-project

High AvailabilityStandard Availability
Base Price (USD)$100$30
Additional Development Environments$30 each$10 each
Addtional Storage$1/GB$1/GB


Part B​: price-per-hits (across all projects)

High AvailabilityStandard Availability
0 - 300,000 base price$200$69

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