Discover Enhanced Local Development with DDEV and Lagoon has partnered with the DDEV Foundation to bring support for Lagoon workflows to DDEV local development environments. DDEV is an open source, Docker-based development stack that provides an enhanced development experience and, according to the latest survey, is the most popular local development environment for Drupal developers.

Watch our webinar with Randy Fay (DDEV Lead Maintainer), Toby Bellwood (Product Lead Lagoon), and Brandon Williams (Software Engineer) to find out how you can combine the best application hosting with a great local development environment to accelerate your workflow.

They detail the integration between DDEV and Lagoon and show how to set up a local DDEV environment to sync with the environment hosted in Lagoon. They also cover extending or customizing the integration and some routine Drupal development scenarios.

Enhanced Local Development with DDEV and Lagoon

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