You do the Laravel.
We do the Ops.

We understand that hosting and scaling Laravel apps in Kubernetes can be complex, which is why our comprehensive solutions are fully geared to the modern web, including Laravel. Designed for performance, scalability, flexibility, and security, we give your Laravel developer the gift of time so they can focus on features that matter.

You do the Laravel. We do the Ops.
The Kubernetes Application Delivery Engine for Web Artisans

The Kubernetes Application Delivery Engine for Web Artisans

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. and Lagoon is the natural hosting platform to Laravel — Our ZeroOps goal is to free you to create without sweating the small things, just like Laravel!

Powerful and flexible Laravel container deployment and hosting

Experience the power and flexibility of Laravel app delivery and hosting with our cutting-edge Kubernetes-based solution, designed to save you time and money and optimize the performance and scalability of your Laravel app.

Empowering digital creativity

Empowering digital
creativity empowers Laravel developers to deploy and host Laravel applications that inspire and elevate. Your Laravel, your way.

ZeroOps Drupal infrastructure without hassles

ZeroOps Laravel infrastructure without hassles

Whether its Meilisearch, Horizon, Memcached, Redis, or something else, you can quickly spin up the infrastructure you need, all at the push of a commit.

Drupal at scale

Laravel at scale

Laravel's artisanal approach, and's scalability, make an ideal combination for building and managing large, complex apps and moving quickly with confidence.

Local development choices

Local development choices

Leverage containers to run production congruent versions of your Laravel site. supports Docker-Compose via Pygmy, and plays nicely with Sail.

Your Composable Laravel Deployment Solution

Larvel has incorporated composable principles and practices from the start, with API and Decoupled approaches built in. Shouldn't your Laravel hosting be composable compatible?

Headless Laravel designed to be your bullet-proof and battled-tested application delivery system.

Host your headless Laravel backend on the same infrastructure as your decoupled Vue or React frontend without any compromises.

Frontend hosting using any frontend framework without any version contraints.

Deploy single-codebase JS frontends in the same way you'd deploy single-codebase Laravel SaaS or Tennant Apps.

Laravel is Open Source. Shouldn’t your hosting platform be too?

Open source is the lifeblood of Laravel, enabling a global community of developers to collaborate and create amazing web apps and API tools. is proudly Open Source since 2017.

“Free software is cool. But open source software is cool, useful, flexible, dynamic, and evolving, AND free.”

Toby Bellwood
Product Lead Lagoon

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