Unparalleled Site Uptime and Web Performance for Victoria University

Victoria University Case Study: Unparalleled Site Uptime and Web Performance with ZeroOps for Victoria University


amazee.io has significantly transformed Victoria University’s digital content platforms, migrating them to our open source ZeroOps application delivery hub, powered by Lagoon, running on AWS cloud solutions. The collaboration resulted in increased uptime and responsiveness and exceptional user experiences for Victoria University, even during peak demand periods.

ZeroOps for Higher Education

Victoria University empowers students with vast academic opportunities supported and built on a digital education platform. Students can embark on their educational journey from certificates to postgraduate programs at any level.

The success of Victoria University’s digital offerings has led to extraordinary organic growth, resulting in their digital ecosystem experiencing multiple challenges: infrastructure proliferation, intricate service contracts, and time-consuming management and operations requirements. The Students bore the brunt of the performance instabilities, while the administration was challenged with unnecessary costs due to overlapping service contracts. To transcend these hurdles, the university sought a next-generation solution to streamline operations while upholding unwavering performance and reliability standards.

amazee.io proposed a fully overhauled and enhanced digital platform infrastructure comprising an array of advanced functionalities. Among these functionalities, managed by amazee.io, were seamless containerization, self-healing infrastructure, horizontal and vertical scalability, task automation, stringent security certifications, and rigorous adherence to security standards. The proposed solution would operate within dedicated AWS tenants within the Sydney (APAC) region, expertly orchestrated by amazee.io with Lagoon to facilitate containerized application deployment within a modern cloud infrastructure. Providing an API-first architecture and incorporating essential AWS services to provide scalable and highly available infrastructure, including Amazon EKS, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, and Amazon ElastiCache, amazee.io’s Lagoon platform optimizes git-based workflows, ensuring secure and automated deployments.

amazee.io executed a meticulously planned migration with Victoria University to ensure minimal downtime and data loss. Following the successful migration, Victoria University witnessed a substantial improvement in system stability and performance. The robust AWS infrastructure and amazee.io’s ZeroOps application delivery platform, powered by Lagoon, have since increased uptime and responsiveness to 99.99%—100%.

By leveraging AWS’ scalable architecture and seamless delivery of containerized applications with Lagoon, Victoria University’s digital platforms continue to effortlessly accommodate sudden surges in user traffic, such as during peak enrollment periods and virtual events. This dynamic scalability has proven to be instrumental in maintaining a smooth user experience under varying workloads and ensuring the reputation of the university’s digital offerings.

amazee.io’s ZeroOps platform now runs all five primary digital platforms operated by Victoria University and maintains uptimes of up to 99.99% under the new solution.

Additional benefits include:

Fully containerized using the Lagoon application delivery platform for Kubernetes, powered by AWS EKS

  • Applications are encapsulated in lightweight units (containers) containing all dependencies and configurations, leveraging the Lagoon ZeroOps platform.
  • Provides consistency and portability, ensuring consistent behavior across diverse environments.
  • Simplifies deployment and scaling processes, leading to efficient management and seamless updates.

Local Development and testing capabilities

  • Developers can work in an environment mirroring the production setup.
  • Facilitates faster development and testing cycles, reducing time-to-market.
  • Ensures robustness and reliability by identifying issues early in the development process.

Git-based workflow that is fully integrated with the existing DevOps tooling

  • Developers can utilize familiar version control practices with Git.
  • Streamlines collaboration, code reviews, and change management.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing DevOps tools, promoting efficient development and deployment processes.

Automatic scaling during high-traffic events and self-healing environments

  • Automatically adjusts resources based on demand, scaling up during high-traffic events.
  • Increases system resilience by self-healing in the face of failures.
  • Enables cost efficiency by dynamically allocating resources only when needed.

With these enhancements, Victoria University experiences heightened efficiency, agility, and reliability in its digital platforms. Leveraging the Lagoon application deployment platform for containerization, integrated DevOps workflows, and automatic scaling mechanisms, the university achieves exceptional user experiences, even during peak demand periods. Using amazee.io’s ZeroOps application delivery platform, running on AWS, has been instrumental in ensuring this high availability for all critical web applications.

By consolidating hosting services and contracts with a single provider, the university has streamlined its contracts and effectively reduced administrative overhead, allowing Victoria University IT and development teams to redirect focus toward other strategic initiatives. Moreover, amazee.io’s new hosting solution has proven highly cost-efficient compared to the previous multi-contract setup. The AWS and amazee.io pay-as-you-go models have enabled the university to optimize its hosting expenses by paying only for the resources it utilizes.

Our ZeroOps application delivery hub, powered by Lagoon, supports developers in creating, testing, and deploying web applications efficiently and effectively. Combined with the flexibility in computing resources enabled by AWS, we’ve done more than optimize Victoria University’s digital platforms; together, we’ve created a virtual campus with potential as limitless as the students’ ambitions.

– Jay Porter, Technical Account Manager, amazee.io

Victoria University has continuously improved throughout its digital lifecycles, including the strategic utilization of Spot Instances, helping optimize for cost while maintaining reliability and continual performance demands. The architecture proposed by amazee.io and powered by AWS has allowed Victoria University to deliver unparalleled uptime and performance to its students nationally and internationally.

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Published: September 12, 2023

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