How Doghouse Agency de-risked their business and reduced overhead costs by partnering with

Doghouse Agency Case Study: How Doghouse Agency de-risked their business and reduced overhead costs by partnering with

As a highly trusted and innovative Drupal and open source digital agency in Australia, Doghouse Agency builds digital experiences that millions of people use.

Doghouse Agency initially started with the goal of running, managing, securing, and monitoring all clusters within their own infrastructure and teams. Soon, they realized this resulted in additional overhead costs and maintenance requirements and introduced risk to the business. In search of a reliable, global partner, Doghouse Agency identified as a perfect match. They now partner with to offer a reliable, highly available, fully scalable, and elastic WebOps platform supported by a decentralized 24/7 team to support their growing customer base.

Now, with elastic scaling, we can host large government departments that collectively account for hundreds of millions of hits per month. And not one site has failed since we've actually switched to” — Simon Shackleton, Director, Doghouse Agency

While Doghouse Agency has previously worked with Kubernetes, they now rely on experts for onboarding, support, and maintenance, providing an end-to-end solution to their users.’s technical expertise and process-driven approach have also been useful in assisting with business development activities and streamlining operations as Doghouse moves away from owned hardware. Previously, Doghouse had two full-time DevOps managers, but with improved efficiencies, only one manager is currently required.’s technical WebOps and Kubernetes expert team seamlessly integrates with Doghouse Agency’s support team to help service and manage enterprise clients.

“Our infrastructure configurations, availability, monitoring, support, and all traditional headaches of modern web operations are solved,” Simon explained. “It's one less thing that our support teams have traditionally had to work on; they just don't have to worry about it.”

By maintaining an in-depth understanding of what's on the Doghouse cluster (running on AWS Asia Pacific - Sydney) and acting as an extension of the Doghouse Agency team, can simplify the complexities of Kubernetes. also simplifies security with a GDPR-compliant platform and a fully managed CDN + WAF offering. Simon describes the support team as "a reliable, trusted, distributed team that is always available. There’s probably several people at that, off the top of their head, could tell me what is running on our cluster, where I’d have to think about it. The team takes actual ownership over what we’re serving in that cluster.”

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