What we released in Lagoon 1.5.0

Lagoon 1.5.0 Release Notes

As we start discussing what Lagoon 2.0 might look like, we’ve been working hard on our roadmap

In addition, -  the updates we need to support Drupal 9  will hopefully be coming in the next couple of weeks. We’ve identified that the version of MariaDB (10.2.31)  included in all Lagoon releases to 1.5.0 does not meet the minimum standard for Drupal 9 (10.3.7) – so we will be upgrading it to version 10.4.13, as per Alpine 3.11, as well as introducing example projects and tests for D9. Stay tuned!

Security Vulnerability

  • Once again the amazee.io team got to exercise their security release skills – Scott discovered a vulnerability with some hardcoded database credentials that may have led to authorized users being able to gain elevated access to Lagoon databases. The vulnerability was discovered, fixed, and all clusters patched within a few hours – the benefits of a global team!

API & Authentication subsystem

  • A few tidy-ups here – now users who create projects are also added as their owners, and Karl fixed up his cron task (thanks again for all your contributions!)

Admin & User Interfaces subsystem

  • A well overdue debut for a subsystem here – this will handle all UI work, both user-facing and internal – mostly for the billing automation, but there are other plans afoot too!
  • Lots of work on the Billing Automation and interface here – we’re already loving how much time it’s saving us in SpreadsheetOps!

Build & Deploy subsystem

  • Even though the bulk of the Kubernetes work has been folded into Lagoon, there are always ongoing tasks. We’ve added labeling, build scheduling, and PR deployments in this release.

Logging & Reporting subsystem

  • This release sees a slight change to the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana versions bundled with Lagoon.  From now onwards, we will be supporting two versions of ELK – the latest release of the 6.x branch (6.8.2 in this release) and the 7.x branch (7.6.1).  Previously we also included a pinned 7.1.1 version, but this is no longer needed.
  • Some more preliminary work on log dispatching has been done. This will allow us to build and test more of the logging overhaul work.

Base Images & Testing subsystem

  • Some more updates to NewRelic, and fixed compatibility with PHP7.4, as well as adding ImageMagick to PHP images.
  • The recent release of Ubuntu 20.04 also introduced issues with the ssh image – thanks to Joseph for picking this up quickly and submitting a PR.
  • We’ve added Node.js v14 images – as foreshadowed earlier this year, we intend to support only the Active and Current LTS version images. (https://nodejs.org/en/about/releases/)
  • Solr images have been updated to Solr 7.7.1 (from 7.5) and we added the latest compatible Drupal Solr configuration. We are currently assessing our upstream options for Solr images, as the Solr project no longer publishes official images based on Alpine.

Documentation & Examples / DX subsystem

  • As always, more minor fixes and updates to documentation.
  • Thanks to Nick for contributing the JWT snippet.
  • Lagoon is also trialing the use of GitHub discussions – we anticipate using them to open enhancements or requests to a broad discussion before we look at implementation.