What’s Next for Lagoon?

At the beginning of the year we knew that 2018 would be the year of Lagoon. Lagoon is a secure, high-performance, cloud-based container hosting solution that’s completely open source.

What’s New

We’ve added lots of documentation, better log aggregation and access to logs. While we previously focused on Drupal 8, we’ve drastically improved Drupal 7 support. We’ve also improved cron jobs and added support for New Relic and the ability to run MariaDB Galera clusters.

What Comes Next

We are always looking to improve Lagoon, and anything we build for a specific customer we contribute back in the spirit of Open Source. With the opportunity to build the next generation of GovCMS we will be building all sorts of great features that will benefit anyone who uses Lagoon.

Finally: The Lagoon User Interface and CLI

The first thing we are up to is to build a Lagoon Web based User Interface (“UI”). This will be an iterative process, with the first version featuring read-only information. You’ll be able to see everything that was deployed and get an overview of all projects and environments in one place. Eventually the UI will be more interactive and allow you to trigger a new deploys, synchronize two environments and much more. All of these features will be available through our upcoming release of a CLI as well.

Better Backups

Another thing we will be doing soon is to rebuild the entire backup system in order to give you access to backups without having to contact us again when you need access to a backup. Of course this will be tied into the UI and CLI.

Sharing Knowledge

As Lagoon grows, we are excited to announce the creation of a knowledge base where people can post their best configurations, recipes, best practices called Lagoon Wiki. Although amazee.io will heavily contribute, we look forward to others adding their experiences and discoveries working with other tools. We’d love to see articles on CI tools or tools like CircleCI or Travis and how-to guides for special redirects of customizations for web servers or for PHP.

We want to hear from you

One of the best parts of open source is the community behind it. Tell us what you would like to see in the UI or in Lagoon in general. Knowing what the community wants helps us know what to work on next. Check out our Github Issues, create a new issue with your idea and let your voice be heard. We’re excited to keep building the future of high performance hosting with you.