Welcome Yarn to the amazee.io tool kit

Node.js allows developers to automate tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time. Installing these packages, including their dependencies with the correct versioning, is not an easy — or quick — task.

Until yesterday, the only way to do that was by running npm (Node Package Manager), which was slow. Sometimes very slow. Developers have tried implementing time-saving caching support on top of npm, but it never really took off.

Another problem with npm was version and dependency handling; npm canlock packages to a specific version, but this is not enabled by default.

Image courtesy: Yarn

Yesterday Yarn was released. Yarn is a full replacement for npm (Node Package Manager) — and it’s a lot faster. Yarn has a built-in local cache, plus its own (and enforced) lock file.

At amazee.io, our mission is to provide the best experience and tools for our developers, so we can produce an even better product for our clients.

Our team wasted no time implementing Yarn on all amazee.io servers and in our Docker images so our users could begin using this product right away.

Ready to get started? Follow these instructions to get Yarn running in minutes.

Happy knitting!