Welcome to the team, Nicole!

amazee.io Nicole Ritchie

amazee.io is excited to announce our new Project Manager — Nicole Ritchie.

Nicole grew up in a small town north of Munich and studied Social Work up to Masters level. She spent most of her twenties sailing the world, gaining a wide range of skills including the coordination of multimillion-dollar boat rebuilds. She now calls New Zealand home and has been working as a Digital Project Manager for the last 5 years, predominantly with teams building large Drupal systems.

Nicole started working at events and restaurants part-time while she was at university because of her love for customer service and chatting to people — which she still loves to do. She studied Early Childcare Education and Social Work in Germany and worked as a Social Worker in a “Kinderdorf” for a year before packing her bags to go on an adventure.

Her parents took her all over Europe growing up, but she always wanted to travel beyond those borders. Nicole arrived in New Zealand in September 2006 and has been based there since. She secured a job on a Superyacht and was lucky enough to sail around NZ, AU, the South Pacific, Turkey and Greece for about 5 years on various boats, hosting Franz Beckenbauer and David Beckham, as well as numerous prominent New Zealanders. She then moved her home base permanently to Auckland and worked as a Business Manager and Recruiter for an IT company, which ignited her passion for technology. Over the last 5 years, Nicole dedicated her time to expanding her skillset as Delivery Lead for Catalyst IT.

As a general “all-rounder”, Nicole’s most proud of her people skills. She loves seeing her clients and colleagues succeed. She’s a passionate networker and great at organising everything from scrum boards and workloads to conferences and social events.

Nicole loves learning about what makes things tick and the “little-big-things” that power the web. She’s happiest when she’s immersed in new technologies. Nicole has a proactive personality and considers it a great day at work when she’s confident her team and clients are happy.

She’s traded her dirndl for shorts and sandals and loves everything related to the water and the need for adventure runs in her veins. She loves spending time outdoors and having people over for dinner as often as possible. NZ is her backyard and she knows the land better than most Kiwis. She’s not much of a TV person, however, she loves watching episodes of Lifeswap.

She’s looking forward to meeting new people — clients and colleagues — and being able to speak a lot more German (before the Kiwi slang takes over). Having attended Drupal conferences over the years, she’s looking forward to being a part of the energetic vibe and innovative work that Amazee stands for.

Fun Fact:
Nicole is ambidextrous and can write with both hands. Generally writing with her right hand, but drawing and painting with her left — she’s both efficient and creative!