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Welcome to, Mihaela!

Welcome to, Mihaela Gheorghe

Mihaela Gheorghe has always loved working with people - that’s the one thing that hasn’t changed since she had her very first job at a construction company 13 years ago. Now, she knows that working with people and computers at the same time is her ideal job. Mihaela has worked in several different countries, like Romania, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and Switzerland - where she still is today. She has worked for companies like IBM, VMware, and Tenable, and she feels lucky to have built both technical and soft skills in those roles. 

When it comes to her daily work, Mihaela is something of a detective: She will find the answers she’s looking for, one way or another, and she won’t let anything stand in her way. She also genuinely enjoys getting to know the people she works with, which makes working more fun for everybody. In Mihaela's words: “If people would communicate more, we would live in a better world.” 

Her favorite thing about working in IT is getting things working again: She loves the feeling of struggling with a complex problem, only to watch the solution appear. 

When Mihaela isn’t working, she’s most likely chasing after her toddler, who has the speed of a young track star, spending time with her family, riding bikes, or traveling in Switzerland.