Welcome Bobby, our new Technical Account Manager

Welcome Bobby Kindle - Technical Account Manager

What’s Bobby’s favorite thing about IT? 

That there are so many paths someone could take to find their perfect, most fulfilling career. 

And in Bobby’s case, this began with his first job as a helicopter mechanic for the U.S. Army. From there, his path took him into a wide variety of hardware engineer positions, with companies like Oracle, IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell, and Polycom. 

After a few years of hardware engineering, Bobby was ready for a new challenge - and his path took yet another turn. He moved into systems/ network administration and IT management, and he loved that he was able to continuously learn, grow, and improve his skills. 

Since Bobby loves working with engaging teams and collaborating, he was a natural fit for amazee.io, since we’re all about collaboration and culture here. Bobby is also one to challenge himself - he says he loves feeling “pushed to his limits” but also succeeding, learning, and growing from the experience. 

In his own words: “There is no better feeling than climbing the mountain and turning around to enjoy the view.” 

With that attitude, Bobby can climb any mountain he sets his mind to - and he’s looking forward to collaborating with the amazee.io team to do great things. 

When he’s not working or climbing mountains, literal or metaphorical, Bobby loves to play games and learn about new technologies. When he’s not enjoying time with his family, a cold beer in his “man cave” passes the time. 

Welcome to the team, Bobby!