Webinar on Lagoon 2.0 — Deploy into Kubernetes and more!

Lagoon 2.0 Webinar Recap

Date: March 26, 2020

Time: 5:00pm CET

Lagoon Version 2 is in beta testing now and its release is on the horizon. Version 2’s biggest and most exciting new feature will be the capability to deploy into native Kubernetes clusters.

This will allow the usage of managed Kubernetes offerings of providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and others. In order to reduce maintenance efforts, and much easier ways of using Lagoon.

From a developer perspective, the deployment system will remain unchanged. We’ll take a look at how to deploy with Lagoon into Kubernetes and the new features you can expect, including improvements to the UI that will empower our users. Come and join us for a preview of all the great new features coming soon to Lagoon!

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