We’re going to DrupalCon North America, April 12–16

amazee.io - We're going to DrupalCon NorthAmerica. DrupalCon North America 2021. DrupalFest - Online April 1-30, 2021

DrupalCon North America 2021 is just around the corner! Starting April 12th and running through the 16th, this all-virtual event will be filled with learnings that range from Drupal best practices, gaining new skills, and innovative strategies you can use in your own projects — all through live programming every day of the event. With so many opportunities to learn from and connect with the Drupal Community, we’re proud to sponsor, attend and speak at this year's event! 

Here’s what we’ll be sharing this year: 

DrupalCon NA: April 12–16

Get some insight into the problems developers encounter when scaling security maintenance across multiple inherited sites and learn about several open source tools for managing auditing and security – including Trivy, Harbor, and Drutiny. 

Join Developer Experience Engineer, Blaize Kaye, for his talk “Drupal Security Management: More Than Robots Submitting PRs” for help managing dependencies and doing security updates on Drupal sites – on April 12th from 1:05 PM to 1:20 PM ET!

The world is getting more challenging and we believe crisis communication will be more important than ever. Together with the Australian government, we built a fully open source hosting platform that was key to the success of handling the COVID-19 crisis by providing fast and reliable communication from the health departments to the citizens. 

One of the biggest hurdles that documentation writers face in maintaining documentation is staying on top of everything as it changes. We need to know what’s going on in the organization to be aware of pending changes to the code, so we’re not blindsided by code changes that may break documentation links, and cause docs to be incorrect or outdated.

On April 13th at 11:35 AM ET, join Drupal Diversity and Inclusion leadership team member, Community Manager, Developer Advocate, and Documentation Writer — Alanna Burke — for her talk Documenting an Agile Team - How to Keep up!

DrupalFest: April 1–30

DrupalFest is a month-long series of virtual events highlighting community, contribution, and the positive impacts Drupal has made possible — all in celebration of Drupal’s 20th birthday. DrupalFest events will be hosted online, by people within the Drupal community — like us! Check out all info on the event and our participation below. 

Need some tips to make your next presentation shine? Catch the special DrupalFest Community Summit session presented by Alanna Burke on April 8th from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET: “Public Speaking in the Virtual Era: Conquer Your Fears''. She’ll cover the basics of presenting and some specifics of giving virtual talks.

Head of Technology, Michael Schmid, tells the story of how our platform achieved a 100% uptime, and how it automatically scaled itself to handle more than 20 million Australian citizens receiving a text message with a link to a website providing more information. Catch his Government Summit talk on April 29th: “Are You and your Sites Ready for COVID-22?

Our Virtual Booth

Curious what Lagoon and Lando have been working on for the last year? Join Michael Schmid (amazee.io and Lagoon) and Mike Pirog (Tandem and Lando) for their virtual in-booth demo and Q&A of “Lando to Lagoon: The developer-focused workflow from local to production” at DrupalConNA 2021 — April 13th from 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM ET.

Make sure you stop by our virtual booth for a friendly chat with any of our team members, catch a demo of our latest work, and participate in our “Ask amazee.io anything” in-booth session on April 15th at 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM. 

Don’t miss our DrupalConNA 2021 exclusive contest to WIN 3 months of free hosting! It’s simple – visit our virtual booth at DrupalCon North America and click on the Request a Demo button and you’re entered to win!

For more information about what we’ll be up to at DrupalCon North America, DrupalFest and more, check out our comprehensive overview here

Register today and meet the people who create the digital experiences the world relies on every day — developers, marketers, agency leaders, and business decision-makers — like you!

*This offer is only available at DrupalCon NA 2021. The winner will be notified via email after the conference.