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Watch Now: at DrupalSouth ‘Shorts’ 2021

Watch Now: at DrupalSouth 'Shorts' 2021

DrupalSouth ‘Shorts’ 2021 has come and gone—but don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite videos from the event featuring the experts from, and you can watch them below!

Drupal DevOps Discussion - Fear not, know your Docker

During the afternoon session, Toby Bellwood, Product Lead Lagoon at, facilitated a discussion about Docker and DevOps. Thom Toogood, Head of Services at, joined the roundtable to share his thoughts on automation.

Caching Gamification

Sean Hamlin, a Technical Account Manager at, presented a deep dive into caching, including a look at the tool he built that can analyze any URL and score the site in terms of how well it is configured for caching.

Sponsor Showcase - Know Your Enemy

As a proud sponsor of DrupalSouth ‘Shorts,’ was able to present “Know Your Enemy,” a session in which we shared some of the tools and techniques that we use to effectively detect, mitigate and block malicious traffic. Watch below to hear from Toby and Sean.

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