The origin story

This month marks the third year of! So, how did we get here? Initially, the platform was built within Amazee Labs to answer the Drupal-specific hosting needs the company faced. Amazee Labs had been building and hosting Drupal sites for over seven years, and during that time challenges and client requests demonstrated the need for a new hosting solution.

Drupal hosting providers didn’t have the flexibility to allow hosting in just any country. Amazee Labs tried out the existing regular shared web-hosting options in Switzerland but quickly gave that up. Shared servers were either lacking Drush support, don’t allow SSH access, ran outdated PHP versions, or went down at the first spike in traffic.

Our hosting environment was originally tailored to the unique needs of Drupal, and we built everything with the Developer in mind.

Over time the hosting demands became more and more complex. There was a need to run more than just Drupal (like server-side Node.js) and developers requested the ability to spin up new environments for every Pull Request. All of this led us to reimplement the entire Hosting Stack based on Containers and Kuberenetes.

The enthusiastic reception led to the founding of in January 2017. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to make our offering open source and not only share all our knowledge with the community but also allow anybody to validate and contribute to the hosting stack.

We’ve come a long way since then. Today we’re running over one thousand sites on Lagoon: a robust container-based hosting solution for developers and agencies around the globe. Our containerized platform supports complex Drupal, decoupled projects and technically anything you can run in a container, and we’re continuing our mission to succeed as the world’s leading open source hosting provider with a high focus on Developer’s needs and enterprises

Three years ago we said:

We are here to make every Developer’s life easier, anywhere in the world.”

Thanks to the support of our clients, team, and the open source community, we’re well on our way. Check out the latest Lagoon updates and get in touchwith us today about your hosting needs!