Say hello to Peter, our new Technical Account Manager

Welcome, Peter Wettstein - Technical Account Manager

Peter Wettstein knew early on that his career’s future would be in Cloud Services: He worked as an account manager at IBM Switzerland, and soon after joined Interxion, where he learned to love cloud computing and strategy. After that, he joined Nine Internet Solutions, where he remained for almost 5 years as an account manager. 

In Peter’s opinion, the IT world is complex - and he’s focused on helping people understand the benefits of IT services and products. He knows that tech buyers are always motivated by what it does for them and their teams, so he tries to understand this side of buyers as well - which requires more empathy than you’d guess. 

Peter loves solving problems. One of the best feelings for him, after a long workday, is knowing that he’s moved a customer project in the right direction - toward solving a complex or challenging problem. Matching solutions and products with problems they solve is his passion, and it’s what he looks most forward to when coming to work. 

At, Peter is really looking forward to joining the mission and vision of the team. He’s excited to work for a globally-distributed company, and he wants to dig into some projects right away. 

When he’s not working in the virtual world, Peter likes to spend time in the physical world - biking, running, spending time in the forest, and seeing his family.