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Recap – The first-ever LagoonCon

LagoonCon Recap 2023

We held the very first LagoonCon on June 6 at Cinderlands Warehouse during DrupalCon Pittsburgh, and it was a great success!

To kick us off, Michael Schmid (Co-founder of, and one of the first Lagoon contributors) gave an overview of where Lagoon has been, taking us from the very first commit in December of 2016, to the first official release in August 2017, to the addition of Kubernetes support in 2020 and beyond. He spoke about why embraces open source, and how it’s the people behind the product who make great!

What separates us from other hosting companies is not our deployment systems or service configurations, but rather the strength of our team and our client support.

Michael also gave us some insight into where Lagoon is going, and with an average of one deployment every minute, we’re on track to hit a million deployments within the next days! 

LagoonCon presentations

So far there are over one hundred contributors to Lagoon, and nine full-time Lagoon team members. In the near future, you can expect to see more features allowing for self-service in Lagoon, like Organizations, automated Lagoonizing of sites, and self-registration. To expand the current ecosystem, the team is also working to support more languages, applications, and frameworks, with even deeper PHP support, more Node.js examples, and support for Java, .NET, Go, Python, and more. He also touched on the current omnipresent topics of AI and the plans to enhance Lagoon accordingly. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks.

Michael, Chris, and John presenting their sessions at LagoonCon

Chris Runo, solutions architect from Interpersonal Frequency spoke about the composable journey they are on, namely evolving their customer websites and apps from a monolithic Drupal approach to a composable approach that leverages Drupal, NextJS, composable component design systems, and for deployment - you guessed it - how Lagoon is helping in that journey. We are super excited to see an agency that is focused on local and state governments taking modern approaches to their market. We recommend to any agency folks to keep them on your radar - they are doing great things in the Drupal space!

John Faber, managing partner from Chapter Three and a fierce and outspoken evangelist for Next-Drupal (Their solution for composable and decoupled Drupal - spoke about how Chapter Three is breaking the mold and doing things differently with Next-Drupal. In a fireside chat, Michael and John discussed the future of Drupal from a content management, content presentation, and modern development perspective. John contends (and we agree) that for Drupal to continue to thrive and to be a viable Open Source and Open Web CMS, the traditional Drupal hosting companies are strategically important as they need to provide the Drupal community with the tools and platforms to be able to build quickly using modern composable approaches like Decoupled Drupal. For this reason, is deeply committed to providing a flexible, scalable, open source composable platform for all developers, including Drupal.

LagoonCon attendees

After the presentations and discussions, we had some great conversations about Lagoon and the future of the web in general, the open web, and the role that web hosting providers have in keeping the Internet an open space. 

This was Lagoon’s first event and we're excited for the next one!

If you're looking for a platform that can help you build scalable, flexible, and maintainable applications, look no further than Lagoon and Our team’s expertise, and our platform’s flexibility, developer-friendly approach, comprehensive solution, and continuous improvement make us the best choice for modern web businesses and organizations. 

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Finally, a heads-up that we’ll be using the last community hour in June (Thursday, June 29, 2023, at 5:00 PM EDT) to recap LagoonCon, so if you want to learn more, or just want to join in, register and come hear more about the future of Lagoon and the open composable web.