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Say hi to our new Content Marketing Manager – Sophia Harris

Welcome Sophia Harris - Content Marketing Manager

Whether you Google “Sophia” or “Sophie” Harris (she goes by both), you’ll find a variety of articles, blogs, white papers, and eBooks written by Sophia on topics ranging from food reviews to machine learning. From an early age, Sophie has loved to tell stories - which is why she became a writer in the first place. 

As a journalist, Sophie enjoyed writing about bands, music, crime, government activity, social issues, and much more. She loved communicating with an audience, no matter what the topic was about - and that hasn’t changed. As years went by, Sophie developed an interest in learning about technical topics like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. She knew these topics were challenging to truly understand, so she made it her mission to find better ways - simpler ways - to write about tech for any audience. 

In her role as Content Manager at her last few positions, she focused on writing clear, simple content that was easily understood, along with longer-form educational content in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, and podcasts. She also loves analyzing data to pull stories from, which helps her with more technical articles. 

When it comes to content, Sophie likes to focus on two things upfront: Simplicity and education. In her years of experience, she’s noticed something: The message readers respond to best is always the one that’s easy to understand. With this in mind, she focuses on making content easy-to-read, along with strategizing topics that will answer questions that people are actually interested in. 

Sophie is excited to apply her content knowledge to She looks forward to creating content and branding that drives leads, conversions, and conversations. Her ultimate goal at work (and in life!) is to create content that makes a difference. 

When Sophie isn’t working, she enjoys walking her rescue greyhound, Billie, getting outdoors and staying active, trying new restaurants and museums in her city, and working on her book.