Money-saving hosting solutions for non-profits

Image credit: Fabian Blank

When we started we had several goals in mind, one of which was creating an attractive and affordable solution for non-profits (or any organization where cost is a concern). Most one-size hosting doesn’t work for organizations who live and die off fundraising and whose campaign-driven traffic spikes can really impact the bottom line. For non-profits with tight budgets, having a reliable long-term hosting partner is key.

So what’s in the box when you sign up with, and why is that important to non-profits?

Volume-Based Pricing

We’ve put together a pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure. Some competitors want you to sign up for their tier-based packages, which cover your high traffic season, and means you will be overpaying during your low traffic months. We consider that to be a tough deal for anyone, especially for non-profits.

Our pricing structure is simple: a low monthly fee (which covers your basics) plus hits.

We’ve heard from site owners that it is important to be able to estimate hosting costs, and in most cases, your existing site history can give us an idea what we can expect.

Free SSL Certificates

When website budgets are being cut, security suddenly feels less critical and tends to get trimmed first. We strongly believe that cost shouldn’t influence a secure connection, so we supply every hosted website with an SSL Certificate free of charge.

We’ve got you covered: we’ll configure and renew your certificate for you. Just turn SSL on and enjoy the benefits of secure connections and better SEO rankings.

If you want to future-proof your site, you should consider switching on SSL anyway. The internet is aiming to be 100% secure and you want to be prepared.

Cost-Effective Security & Monitoring

Security doesn’t end with an SSL Certificate; security has many layers and one of those layers is your Drupal installation. By adding Drop Guard to your site for a small monthly fee, you can get a cost-effective system for automatically updating your site and modules against security vulnerabilities.

I’ve seen projects before where security updates were deferred due to cost, and then a critical vulnerability came along and took the site down. The time and cost sunk into cleaning up sites after disaster strikes always far exceeds the cost of an automated security update.

Improved Global Visitor Experiences

For campaign season, as your efforts gain momentum and traffic is going global, you might want to consider adding a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure your sites are delivered quickly to your visitors, regardless of their location. We support a variety of CDNs to suit your needs. You can read more on CDNs in our documentation.

Cost-Saving On-Premise Hosting

If you already have a data center and want to free up the resources of your team, we can help make that a reality by hosting on your infrastructure. Rates are lower than with volume-based pricing. With managing the servers remotely, your dev team can focus their efforts on the features that are important to your project.

We’ve setup to be the logical choice for non-profits, universities, and other NGOs, both financially and functionally, and would love to hear from you if we’ve hit the mark.

If you’re interested in learning more about how can help you, contact us!