Meet our new BizOps Lead – Ingrid Talbot

Welcome Ingrid Talbot

Welcome to the team, Inky!

Ingrid (AKA “Inky”) began her career as a 3D artist for PLOT Architects in Copenhagen (under the now-famous Bjarke Ingels). Later, she worked for herself creating 3D stills and real-time graphics for architects and the design industry in Denmark and South Africa. After the 2008 financial crisis, Inky pivoted to building websites with Drupal and worked as a freelance web developer for six years, where she handled design, information architecture, development, and project management for clients.

Inky was spotted by Dania Gerhardt, Head of Business Operations, Founder, and Partner at, at a Drupal meetup and was brought into Amazee Labs as a project manager. The rest, as they say, is history. Inky became involved in more than just her project management role and soon found herself helping drive the creation of the new Global Maintenance business model and leading the operations of that team. From there, she moved into an Operations role at the Amazee Group as well as acting as a support Systems Administrator for Amazee Group IT. All of these experiences provided her with the unique knowledge base that she uses in her new role as the Lead for the Business Operations team at

As the BizOps Lead, Inky looks forward to providing structure to help the company scale more easily over time and digging into the details of creating a more sustainable and profitable company. She likes to make life easier for her colleagues, whether that’s providing them with a new tool, or a structured dataset or helping bring their view out of the details into a bigger picture.

When she’s not formalizing business processes or impressing the team with her Google Sheets skills (her “sheets-fu”), Inky enjoys mountain biking, running, and “hands-on” creativity at a weekly pottery class and working in her garden.