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Meet Martin Hechtl –’s new Sales Representative

Welcome, Martin Hechtl

Joining a global team isn’t new to Martin: He began his career in sales at an international printing company in Austria. Eventually, he developed a passion for project management, agile working methods, and custom software development.

As someone working in sales, Martin knows the importance of listening and understanding - along with communication and people skills. His number one priority when working with clients is to deeply and truly understand their needs so he can help them in the best way possible. He knows that to find any satisfactory solution, a comprehensive understanding of the issue is required. This is why he likes to focus on relationship building with customers, so he can walk a mile in their shoes before making suggestions. 

So what makes Martin the happiest after a long day of work? 

Two things: Number one, getting feedback from a customer about what they’ve achieved with a new solution. Martin loves to feel like he’s helping people, and he enjoys hearing about how his customers are thriving after he works with them. 

And number two, when he gets to talk to new clients about successes - to show them that they could experience similar results. 

When he’s not working, Martin likes to spend time with his family, and he also enjoys freediving and ice swimming. He’s an avid griller, both meat and vegan options, so he will be the grill master at the next barbeque.