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Autoscaling to meet peak demand with support

Matterport: Autoscaling with

When Matterport re-platformed their website on Drupal, they sought a hosting partner with the expertise and flexibility to meet their unique requirements. As the leading spatial data company, Matterport enables their customers to capture 3D images of physical spaces such as houses and buildings to provide interactive online tours and walkthroughs. With the global shift towards moving more and more customer experiences online, especially during COVID-19, demand for Mattterport’s services has never been greater and their website traffic has reflected this growth. With each peak in traffic and pageviews, has been by Matterport’s side to ensure their website’s availability and performance remain maximal.  

Challenge: Support Matterport’s re-platforming on Drupal with containerized hosting was recommended to Matterport by their web agency, Hook42 because required special configurations and the team wanted to leverage Docker and Kubernetes in their technical architecture. Concerned about data protection and GDPR compliance, Lagoon’s built-in security features also gave Matterport the peace-of-mind they needed. 

Internally, Matterport’s development team was tasked with learning how to maintain and support the new Drupal site post-launch. Having a hosting partner that could guide them along the way has been critical to their success. reliably and expertly help their internal development team successfully manage their Drupal builds and deployments. 

Solution: High availability managed Lagoon cloud hosting with professional support by

Matterport Platform Engineer, Justin Mauslein describes his experience with and Lagoon as “set it and forget it,” in that all he needs to do is push his code from GitHub, and Lagoon will take care of the rest. For development teams that don’t want to worry about systems maintenance and engineering, and Lagoon streamline their workflows and allow them to focus on continuous delivery instead of infrastructure upkeep.

Matterport testimonial about Lagoon

One of the aspects the Matterport team most appreciates about using Lagoon is its positive impact on their development and testing cycles, specifically:

  • The speed and ease of creating new test environments from pull requests
  • Being able to use production data during local development
  • The seamless orchestration of everything required for a successful build

In working with our support team, Matterport loves’s chat-based, collaborative approach. At, we don’t rely on tickets and escalation paths to support our customers. You can ping our support engineers at any time in your own private chat channel when you need a hand. Ou support engineers are experts with the knowledge and care to make you successful.

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