Lagoon Updates: RBAC System Coming Soon

We’re always making improvements to Lagoon, and contributing our work back to the open source community. Sometimes clients with specific needs sponsor the development of new projects or improvements so we can spend dedicated time on them, to everyone’s benefit.

We’re excited that our client, GovCMS, is supporting us in improving our permissions system for Lagoon. Up to this point, Lagoon permissions have been all or nothing. For many of our clients, this isn’t a problem but in some cases, teams need to assign different permissions to different roles.

While we could add roles with different permissions to our existing system, we realized the benefits of creating a fully flexible role-based access control (RBAC) system. This is especially useful for clients and projects with large teams.

The RBAC systems will allow complete control over defining roles and the permissions associated with them, and bring Lagoon to a new level of hosting platform. It also allows for a comprehensive audit system that allows companies to see everything their developers are working on.

The development of this RBAC large enough to bring a major version change to Lagoon, so its release will bring us Lagoon 1.0.0. You can learn more about this project on the Lagoon GitHub issue queue.