Joint Webinar Recap: The Future of Web Development and Hosting

Joint Webinar Recap – The future of web development and hosting: how to build performance apps for the modern web. Logos of, Fastly, Gatsby and RedMonk. teamed up with Fastly, Redmonk, and Gatsby for a roundtable discussion on the future of web development and web hosting, including how next-generation cloud options can be leveraged for better performance, security, and scalability.

Speakers included:

  • Michael Schmid, CTO and Co-founder,
  • Simon Wistow, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Co-founder, Fastly
  • Kyle Mathews, Founder and CEO, Gatsby
  • Kelly Fitzpatrick, Industry Analyst, RedMonk

If you want to build an impactful website or web application these days, knowing your web hosting options is crucial. Demand for your website or application could increase 10x, or even 100x, at a moment's notice. You must ask yourself, “Can my app scale if the load is there? Will it scale up — and will it scale down when the increased demand is no longer there?”

Unreliable websites lose business.

The scale and complexity of today's environment would have been unthinkable only 10 years ago. Content needs to be more dynamic, personalized, and richer than ever before. The bar has been raised when it comes to what people expect out of a website, which has in turn resulted in advancements in the frontend tooling space. The pressure to be better than the competition mounts daily.

The overall complexity of tooling has also risen, creating the need for new tools to contain that complexity and make it both more manageable and approachable for development teams. As a hosting provider, has seen these changes firsthand. In days past, a team might have chosen a single framework or technology and built their entire ecosystem around that. Today, developers and teams are more open to leveraging multiple services. Containers help us meet these evolving demands by providing the flexibility required to try new services both in production and locally to test. With containers, we can scale within minutes or even seconds.

First impressions matter. What happens when you miss that 15- or 30-minute period when people want to go to your website? Having a flexible system that can automatically scale means you'll never miss a visitor.

Watch the full webinar here!

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