Joint Webinar Recap: Developer Portals as a Service, enabled by

Joint Webinar Recap: Developer Portals as a Service, enabled by

We recently teamed up with our partner Pronovix for a discussion on creating developer portals and documentation that earn the trust of your community, and how to simplify and accelerate the process.

Speakers included:

  • Bastian Widmer, Platform Lead and Partner,
  • Kristof Van Tomme, CEO and Co-founder, Pronovix
  • Jan Mashat, Technical Project Manager, Pronovix

Previously in the developer portal space, organizations would need to find a company to build their developer portal and another to host it. Today, Pronovix’s DevPortal as a Service gives users a developer portal that meets business goals, without the hassle of maintenance and support. The service relies on’s open source WebOps platform to deploy into high availability clusters and deploy DevPortals into Kubernetes clusters around the world, in all the most popular cloud providers, or even in a customer’s on-premises cluster.

Hosting wherever the customer needs it

For some customers, geography is important. They may be tied to a specific location due to data residency requirements, for example. Other customers have a preferred cloud environment to be hosted on. At, we can host almost anywhere and, being cloud-agnostic, we are able to support managed cloud providers and on-premise installations. For customers bound to a location, is able to start and run our platform as their own cluster in their own data center.

Efficiency through standardization

Standardizing projects can dramatically speed up delivery time. Thanks to's fully open source WebOps platform, Pronovix is able to standardize on one platform and one workflow.

Key features to support Pronovix and their customers

At, we are able to tailor our offer to customers’ needs. Some key features that we support Pronovix and end-users with include:

  • Technical Account Management
  • 24/7 On-Call
  • Professional Services
  • Support

Want to learn more about how using the right WebOps platform can help you create better developer portal experiences? Watch the webinar below or get in touch with us today!