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Joint Webinar Recap: Advanced Lando-ing with Lagoon

Joint Webinar Recap - Advanced Lando-ing with Lagoon

The teams from, Lagoon and Lando recently got together for a discussion on how to harness some of the more advanced Lando features and functionality, and learn how they interoperate with similar Lagoon functionality.

Speakers included:

  • Toby Bellwood, Product Lead Lagoon ( / Lagoon)
  • Blaize Kaye, Developer Experience Engineer ( / Lagoon)
  • Alec Reynolds, CEO and Co-founder (Lando)
  • Mike Pirog, CTO and Co-founder (Lando)

In the webinar they gave a quick refresher on Lando and Lagoon and what’s changed in both, as well as discussed Lando build steps, performance tuning and custom tooling for Lando, Lando for non-Drupal, and the Lando + Lagoon configuration options.

The Lando integration for Lagoon offers a fast, fluid full-cycle development and deployment experience. One of the primary reasons behind bringing Lagoon compatibility into the Lando ecosystem was to empower developers to really customize their local development workflows.

Want to learn more about Lando + Lagoon? Watch the webinar below or get in touch with us today!