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Introducing Laura Caraker, our new Sales Representative

Introducing Laura Caraker

We're thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Laura Caraker, who joins us as our Sales Representative. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for open source technology and sales, making her an ideal fit for the dynamic company culture at

Laura's journey into the tech world began with a somewhat unexpected entry-level sales position at Acquia, a company she hadn't heard of before. Yet, there, she found herself diving headfirst into the world of open source and Drupal. Over time, she developed a knack for sales and fell in love with the sense of community and innovation that permeated the industry. This initial experience set her on a path where she thrived in various roles at startups, always seeking opportunities that allowed her to marry her sales expertise with her passion for open source technologies.

After recently facing the unfortunate circumstance of her entire team being laid off at her previous company, Laura turned to her network within the Drupal community in search of a new opportunity. Through this network, she connected with Henk, a familiar face from her days at Acquia, who informed her about the exciting opening at Without hesitation, Laura pursued the opportunity, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Laura's proudest skills include her remarkable ability to connect with others on a deeper level, listening intently to their stories and concerns. She's also known for her creative problem-solving skills and genuine curiosity, which allow her to approach challenges with insight and empathy.

In her happiest moments at work, Laura finds herself fully immersed in her tasks, with music playing in the background and perhaps the company of a furry friend or two. A productive day for Laura is one where she can methodically check off tasks from her to-do list and maintain a sense of structure and organization. 

When it's time to unwind, Laura enjoys indulging in her love for sports and outdoor activities such as kitesurfing, fishing, skiing, and hiking. She also finds solace in music, often ending her day with guitar playing and a meditative session with her crystal singing bowls.

Laura is genuinely excited to be a part of the family and looks forward to collaborating with her colleagues across the globe. With her passion for open source technology and dedication to building meaningful connections, we do not doubt that Laura will make invaluable contributions to our team and mission.