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Introducing Lagoon,’s fully open source Docker in Production system

Today, dreams come true. Today, we are releasing Lagoon, our 4th generation Drupal hosting platform, completely open source. has provided Drupal hosting for over eight years for clients all over the world. During this time, we’ve implemented multiple platform iterations, always driven by the latest technology. With each iteration, we increase the platform’s efficiency, improve functionality, and integrate feedback to make developers happier. Incremental improvements include the incorporation of tools like Puppet and Ansible, as well as individual components built using configuration management.

Now, with Lagoon, we are taking the improvements a step further. Lagoon’s crowning achievement, Docker in Production, is a cutting-edge all-Docker based system.

Lagoon is a system of microservices (independently deployable modular services), which takes code built by developers, creates Docker Images, pushes these images into OpenShift/Kubernetes, and monitors deployments. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Docker, in a Drupal-friendly environment.

Lagoon allows developers the flexibility to create their own services architecture, supporting everything from a simple Drupal site to a decoupled system with server side rendering.

Not only does Lagoon run the latest hosting technology, it also supports Node.js, Elasticsearch, a variety of Solr versions, Redis, and many more. Whatever you need, Lagoon will build and deploy it for you.

But that’s not why we’re here, writing this post. Yes, the technology is cool, but next year there will be even more cool technology. No, what we’re truly excited about, is that we’re making all this technology available, for free, to anyone wanting access.

One of the Amazee truest core values is the continued support of open source technology. Since Amazee’s beginning almost ten years ago, we have contributed to Drupal and other open source platforms.

Since’s beginnings, it has troubled us to see an open source project like Drupal being hosted on proprietary hosting platforms. Today, we are making conscious decision to change that.

We’re not worried about releasing this code. What separates us from other hosting companies is not our deployment systems or service configurations, but rather the strength of our team and our client support.

We want developers to see what’s under the hood, to use the platform, to find the flaws, to help fix them. With transparency comes improvement. Let’s raise the tide. Together, we all win. That’s what open source is all about.

Lagoon is hosted on GitHub ( and is available under the Apache 2.0 License. Pull Requests are very welcome!