Introducing our new Developer Experience and CI/CD Engineer – Blaize Kaye

Welcome, Blaize Kaye to

Welcome aboard, Blaize!

Blaize was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but now lives in the small town of Paraparaumu in New Zealand. As an undergraduate, he studied classics, philosophy, and logic after which he completed his masters in cognitive science.

Before moving to, Blaize worked in the Amazee Labs Global Maintenance team, where he had the opportunity to contribute to the Lagoon Insights project alongside some of the smartest and nicest people he's had the pleasure to work with.

Blaize completed about a year and a half's worth of work on a PhD in philosophy before realizing that doctoral work, having a new kid, full-time employment, and moving countries were not compatible with ever sleeping, and so something had to go. Still, he did manage to get a paper out of it, so he counts that as a win.

Currently, and very slowly, Blaize is studying mathematics through Massey University and sorting out some advanced mathematics envy.