Free SSL/HTTPS certificates for every site at

Today we’re happy to announce that every hosted production site will get a free SSL/HTTPS Certificate with no additional cost!

Why would we do that?

We believe in the secure web.

For us security doesn’t end with providing a secure environment for your data. It is also to provide a secure way for your visitors to interact with your site.

While others are not providing SSL certificates at all or are even charging just for enabling HTTPS support, we take it a step further:

All you have to do is enable SSL/HTTPS for your site. We will request the certificate for you, make sure it’s enabled, and also redirect HTTP to HTTPS for you. Our system will even tell Drupal that it should generate links to HTTPS automatically, no fiddling with settings file configurations.

Just lean back, let do the work, and enjoy a website which is not only secure, but also automatically has a better SEO ranking.

If you are not sure your site will be able to work on HTTPS (because all external loaded iFrames, scripts and images will also need to be loaded via HTTPS) here is a solution for that: All development sites including our local Drupal development environment has HTTPS enabled that means you can fully test every single functionality before you flip the switch on the production site.

Join big websites of the world like Facebook, Twitter and Google: Provide a secure environment for your visitors, they deserve it! There is no reason for anyone to use the non-secure HTTP.

We are eating our own dog food: every single subdomain on is served via HTTPS, try it out:,,,,,

Happy secure surfing :)