DrupalGov 2020 Sessions Recap

Recap of amazee.io sessions at DrupalGov 2020

DrupalGov 2020 focused on understanding emerging trends to better equip decision-makers when using Drupal in government, this year's convention was jam-packed with new learnings, new methods to improve our work, and new ways to support and innovate within the open source community. Sticking to this year’s speaker theme of inspiration, we wanted to share our highlights for anyone who wasn’t able to attend or who just wanted another taste of the magic.   

Here’s what our speakers covered in their Sessions at this year’s DrupalGov!

To learn how to tame Drupal MultiSites, watch CTO Michael Schmid’s DevOps and Security session: The Future of Drupal MultiSites.

If you're responsible for a large portfolio of Drupal sites, how do you ensure that they are patched, updated and running tip-top?  How do your processes (and you!) scale? Managing Large (and Smaller) Site Portfolios with Lagoon Insights. 

Curious how documentation is like a living thing? Check out the video of Alanna Burke’s session Documentation is like a plant - you need to tend to it! to get some inspiration to kondo your documentation. 

Want to sharpen your Project Management skills and get the best out of your team? Catch Nicole Ritchie’s Creating High Performing Teams.

Still hungry for more? You can watch the full playlist of DrupalGov sessions here!