Supporting COVID-19 Response Efforts

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Dear community,

Driven by a global pandemic, the world is changing at a rapid pace which requires all of us to adapt, reassess and rethink our daily lives. We are adapting our private lives (eg. taking care of and educating our children while schools and daycare are closed, leveraging modern online technology to connect more frequently with family members and friends) and adapting our professional life as most companies have switched to working from home. 

The fast adoption of these adaptations is critical right now, as we all prioritize the need to be socially responsible by keeping our distance to protect identified risk groups and to stop the virus from spreading. Further, we need to reassess how we engage internally with our peers and co-workers, but even more so externally with our customers and partners. The current situation requires entire industries to rethink their business and growth models. Overall, these are challenging times for all of us, but every challenging period presents opportunities within opportunities to change our behaviour, to change our processes, and the way we are engaging as a community. 

On April 1, 2020, I took the helm of to support and guide the company into the future. Starting my new role as CEO during the days of a global pandemic with so much uncertainty, unpredictability and volatility is clearly a new experience – a situation no one can be prepared for. 

The current situation requires all of us to keep focussed and to keep a cool head paired with flexibility and creativity so we can serve our customers and partners best. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and how they have managed this situation so far. Let me share a couple of situations and ideas about why I believe we will all come out of this situation stronger than before. 

Customers First 

It’s always been and will always be one of the guiding principles within to put our customers first. At this point in time, we are even more closely tied to them, as many run system and community-relevant information on their websites. Making sure the platforms are running and scaling during peak times is essential. Essential for the people, the community who are looking for updates and information, and essential for our customers as they are providing the needed services. 

Autoscaling to Meet Unpredictable Traffic Spikes

In the last few weeks, we’ve had 10x traffic increases and weathered spikes of a factor of 20 without any performance or scalability issues on our platform. Because Lagoon is built to autoscale, our customers’ applications have remained fully functional and without performance degradation throughout this time of exponential demand. Customer's 2020 Traffic Growth: Beginning average of around 60'000 hits per day. Today 770'000-850'000 per day Customer’s 2020 Traffic Growth: Beginning average of around 60’000 hits per day. Today 770’000-850’000 per day Customer's Single Day of Traffic Growth: Before Media Event: an average of 180 hits per minutes; After Media Event: 3300 hits per minute Customer’s Single Day of Traffic Growth: Before Media Event: an average of 180 hits per minute; After Media Event: 3300 hits per minute 

Embracing Modern Collaboration Tools

Already a distributed, remote team located around the world, we’ve been relying on collaboration tools internally since our very beginnings in 2016.  Our 24/7 support team is on stand-by for any immediate request, using modern collaboration tools like Rocket.Chat, Slack, Jira, Github, GoogleApps and Zoom. 

Logos for Jira, GitHub, Google Suite, Zoom, Rocket.Chat, and Slack

During the pandemic, we have seen the increased adoption and importance of collaboration tools within our customers – using them in an efficient way is key and will increase overall productivity. Going forward all organizations will see a broader usage of collaboration tools. Now is the time to re-assess these processes and tools. Enterprises which adapt quickly will benefit significantly in the long run.

Increased Adoption of Open Source 

One strong argument to join was their dedication to open source. Across the industries we see the impact of smart, globally distributed teams, collaborating jointly and challenging one another on ideas and projects – with the aim to deliver the best and smartest solutions. 

For website developments, open-source technology is already widely used by enterprise customers. Based on Red Hat’s The State of Enterprise Open Source report from 2019, approximately 45% of US and 41% of APAC-based enterprises are using open source solutions for website development. The same report measured the importance of enterprise open source for organizations and 69% said it was very important. These numbers show the significance of open source and the potential for organizations like We will continue on our path and continue to disrupt the way modern web hosting is done by embracing modern container technologies and strategic investments in automation and platform scalability. We hear from many organizations and government institutions who are currently evaluating open-source software to accelerate their digital transformation. 

If you are a decision-maker within your organization, now it is time to act – start your evaluation and understand how open source software can help you to lower total cost of ownership and get access to the latest innovations. 

Giving Back to the Community

As an open-source company, it’s in our DNA to add value to our community. Especially during a global crisis like this, it is important to bundle all our strengths and support those organizations who make a difference. We at would like to do our part by supporting your COVID-19 response efforts. If you're helping your community with pro-bono online education, healthcare, collaboration, or in any other way, you can host your project free of charge on our cloud hosting platform. Organizations can sign up for this program by visiting the COVID-19 support page.

We're here to help

Together we will master the current situation. I am certain that those of us who rethink, adapt and adjust to this new norm will emerge stronger and more dynamic. Every organization, every agency, every individual can make an impact. Now it’s time to show your commitment and support for the larger community. 

Stay healthy and be socially responsible. 


Franz Karlsberger,