Comparing Drupal PaaS Hosting Options

As a CTO, developer, or a web administrator, one of your first tasks is to find the right hosting solution for your Drupal site. The trouble is, there are a ton of hosting options, with many different service offerings, and many different price points. Making an informed decision can be daunting.

Since we started people often ask us, “How are you different from other Drupal hosting providers?”

The short version is that we built because existing Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers didn’t allow us to host in the locations we needed and had functional limitations, such as local development environment, dev, and production servers not matching 1:1.

These limitations we were not willing to accept, and so we created; a platform we as developers wanted to use, with useful services and straightforward pricing.

To help others find the best hosting solution for their needs, we created a PaaS benefits overview that highlights the differences between and three major Drupal PaaS providers: Pantheon, Acquia Cloud, and

We put together this chart with the intention of providing clarity and a fair comparison of real service offerings. This project is not intended as critique — we like our competitors and they do outstanding work!

You can find our detailed comparison chart on

Help improve our documentation! If you find anything wrong or which could be improved in our chart, please submit a pull request to our GitHub repository.